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ROOM 105
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AP Environmental Science (APES) PARENT



APES, Period 1



APES, Period 2



Period 4, Integrated Lab Science



Period 5, Integrated Lab Science



Period 6, Integrated Lab Science



Integrated Lab Science PARENT



NOTICE!!! PLease mark your calendars.
South Sound Regional Science Fair
Saturday, March TBA, 2018
Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA
Want to participate in some Academic competition! Think Science is "fun" or a worthwhile endeavor? Join Wilson's Science Club. I'll support you through the process!
Need HELP coming up with a ILP project? Here is a bit of what I did in class:
Good test subjects: crickets, worms, bacteria, cockroaches, snails, plants, seeds, duckweed, goldfish, daphnia, mold (not bread/food mold)
Good vocabulary to look up (might lead to a project): fecundity, death rate, allelopathy, mating, biomass, nitrification, natural pesticides, natural herbicides, repellents

2015 Student voluneer time at Sherman Elementary School to judge their science fair!!!


(for the weeks of...)
MANDATORY Academic Intervention

MONDAY (2:15-2:45) -
TUESDAY (2:15-2:45) -
WEDNESDAY (2:15-2:45) -
THURSDAY (2:10-2:25) -
FRIDAY (2:15-2:45) -

Lab Protocol:
-Preconception/Misconception Question (guides their thinking)...possible unscored pretest
-Read ENTIRE lab assignment (cover to cover) as Homework
    *student will have a sticky note to write down their questions from reading the lab and will attempt to determine the purpose of the lab
Day 1/Prelab
- students will turn in their questions and teacher will use those questions to facilitate a discussion between the students
-Students will work on written prelab during class after discussion and finish for homework
DAY 2/Lab
-saftey/procedural steps quiz
-run the lab
-possibly assign the analysis questions or save for next day
DAY 3/Post Lab
-Possible post lab quiz about what it all means
-Analysis completion and/or discussion

Following is a list of required and recommended materials (same for both classes):
•    Composition Book (2-4 per year)
•    Pens (blue or black ink only)
red ink pen

 •    Calculator
•    Graph Paper
•    Pencil (for drawing)

 •    Metric Ruler
•    Glue
•    Scissors


Virginia Rehberg
National Board Certified Teacher, YAY Science (2013), National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
BA in Biology (1996) & Master of Arts Teaching (1997)
University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA

I've been teaching at Wilson High School since the Fall of 1997. During that time, I've taught Freshmen Lab Science, Honors
Freshmen Lab Science, Biology, Honors Biology, Integrated Lab Science, Earth Science,  Marine Biology, and now AP Environmental Science. Ram Country is a great place to work!

My claim to fame...I was stung by a Portugese Man'O'War in 2004 while taking surfing lessons in Hawaii. Later during that same trip in another surfing accident, I got hit in the face with the surf board and split off a large piece of a tooth... CONCLUSION: Surfing is not my calling!
Good thing I like teaching!!!


2014, Students volunteer at Sheman Elementary School to judge the science fair!
Senior-Family Portrait 10-29-2009 Hi Res.jpg
2009 Senior Night with their parents and influential teacher!
Wilson High School, 4X School of DIstinction awardee! RAM COUNTRY!!!
Make that 6X as of last year!!!