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9/25 Plant Biology 

Directions: Below you will find links to videos, readings, and animations, all relating to water movement in plants and/or plant cellular structure. For each link you click on, you will take notes in your lab notebook. Write the title of the link as a clear heading for each section of notes. No, you do not have to click on every single link! Choose four (4). 

Tomorrow, I will check your notebook for four sections of notes.


How Osmosis Works: Animation explaining diffusion and osmosis  

Fast Plant Movement: Reading about turgor pressure and how it allows movement

Rising CO2 is Causing Plants to Release Less Water to the Atmosphere, Researchers Say: Press release about two research studies relating to changes in plant anatomy and transpiration as atmospheric CO2 continues to increase

Plant Structure: Detailed presentation on plant anatomy. Segment from 2:32 to 6:50 describes the three tissue types and some specialized cells within each type

Plant Nutrition and Transport: Video; Explains how nutrients and water are transported in plants. He begins with a brief discussion of what nutrients are required by plants and where they get them.

Transpiration: Video on transpiration showing an experiment that illustrates the concept of transpiration.

Plant Cell Types: Video with really good basic information about the 3 cell types   

Water Cycle:  Reading that reviews the water cycle and how transpiration plays a huge role


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