"Live Not By Lies"
(Alexander Solzhenitsyn)


This site is provided to facilitate the success of my students in, AP U.S. History, AP Government and AP European History.  Students and parents/guardians are invited to access the categories indicated as needed.  Every effort will be made to insure the information is updated and accurate.  However, this site is not meant to substitute for regular classroom attendance.    A copy of each course syllabus detailing academic/performance expectations, grading procedures and classroom routines is available on the document section of this site.  Students will be provided with a print copy, as necessary.

Keys to Success

1. Attendance
2. Attention
3. Organization
4. Participation
5. Work

The success of any student is directly related to the degree they demonstrate the 5 Keys to Success.

571-6005 (classroom) Best time to reach me:  7:10-7:30; 2:05-2:35
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Pd. 1  AP U.S. History
Pd. 2  AP U.S. History
Pd. 3  AP American Government & Politics
Pd. 4. AP European History
Pd. 5  Plan
Pd. 6  AP European History

Instructor Professional Biography:
*42 years teaching experience
*B.A. Political Science (Western Washington University)
*M.Ed. Secondary Education (Western Washington University)
*M.A. Politics (University of York, England)
*NBCT (National Board Certification in Young Adult Social Studies); 2001; renewed 2011