Where we are at currently:


answer key for the homework is posted.  My home scanner would not allow me to combine it into one document so it is 7 separate pages.

they are labeled 5.2 through 5.8 answer key page #





There is NOT an extra homework assignment.  I thought I had another one but what you have been given so far covers everything.  The test study guide is posted under documents


10/20 beginning When in Rome



Link to download openstax physics book.

click on the green "Get This Book!" button on the right hand side of the page.  it will ask if you want to download it as a PDF or an Offline Zip.  I suggest the PDF unless you have a specific reason for the offline zip.

It then should give you the option to save or open.  do what you want from there.

 As young adults you decide the level of notes you need to take and what you do with the guided problems along the way.  Quizzes will draw from the readings and I will pull some of the practice problems straight from the text.  I will also assign practice problems from the end of chapters as homework.



first homework assignment.  Homework is listed under "homework".  If it is a document it is posted under documents.





My foundational grading scheme for this class is that summative assessments (tests, quizzes, labs, projects, final exam) make up 90% of the student’s grade.   Due to the diversity in students' abilities to show what they have learned, summative assessments will be made up of diagraming, essays, labs, vocabulary, and various projects.  With a few exceptions, summative assessments can be retaken or redone by the student as needed to insure mastery and increase their grade.

Formative assessments, such as in-class assignments and homework, will make up 10% of a student’s grade.  If a student is absent they will be excused from that day's assignment but, if a student is in class and chooses not to turn in the assignment, the assignment will be put in the grade book as a zero. In the description of each assignment I will post whether or not an assignment can be redone.


Vocabulary Words:

Vocabulary Word lists will be posted as we start each new section.  The reason for my focus on scientific vocabulary is if you don't know what the words mean that we are using in class your ability to understand the scientific concepts is greatly limited.


Reminder about tests:

If you are not happy with your test scores, study the material, set up a time with me, and come retake it.