This site is a resource provided for my World Issues and AP European History students, parents and guardians. Everyone is invited to use this site as a baseline to aid in the education process. The academic expectations for this class have been outlined in a course syllabus that was distributed to each student. Likewise, a copy of the syllabus is available on this site. Please note the important role attendance and involvement in class discussions play in determining performance. It is my philosophy, in alignment with school policy, that students should be a) present in class, b) engaged in the lesson and c) responsible for course work.

I am enthusiastic about the subject matter and prepared to share my knowledge and experience with you. My educational and life experience includes a M.A. Teaching (University of Puget Sound), B.A. History (Humboldt State University), 4 years service (United States Air Force) & 10 years teaching (Tacoma Public Schools District).

It is my intent that the site be updated regularly, however, if you have immediate questions or comments, please reach me during the following office hours:

Monday - Friday, between 10:30 am -12:05 pm & 2:05-2:35 pm

Mr. Johnson
Wilson High School, Room 207
(253) 571 - 6055

Class Schedule:

1st Period    World Issues
2nd Period   World Issues
3rd Period    World Issues
4th Period    Planning
5th Period    A.P. European History
6th Period    A.P. European History