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Comparative World Mythology

9th grade English

Exploring the World One Day at a Time 

True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing- Socrates


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 Class Schedule 2016-2017              RM 306        253.571.6036                          

Per. 1 CWMythology                                        Per.4 9th grade English

Per. 2 9th grade English                                  Per. 5 CWMythology

Per. 3 Plan                                                         Per. 6 CWMythology                                                                                        

Best way to contact me is via email or by phone during my plan period, or after school. Planning begins at 9:35 and ends at 10:35. Email link can be located in the upper left-hand corner of this page.

 white stone black sand zen.jpgAll paths are not the same. Many diverge and are often in opposition to what others may want for us or what we desire for ourselves. 

 amazing-superb-zen-garden-design-ideas-on-apartments-design-ideas-as-wells-as-to-make-indoor-zen-garden-lawn-garden-picture-zen-garden-ideas.jpgBy questioning ourselves and others, and through the continued exploration of ideas, a path will begin to take shape. As it continues to meander, a fluid structure will form. However, what may work for one does not work for all. Multiple strategies are explored to meet the needs of diverse learning styles. All classes are inclusive and strive to present students an academically rigorous experience with the intent of preparing them beyond the classroom, whether that be the pursuit of higher education, the work force, and/or involvement in the community. 

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 spirited away no face what do you fear.jpg              For 9th Grade Parents:

Parental support is crucial to student success as they embark on a new educational experience. There are many factors that can affect the learning process of a student. Please encourage and cheer on your student as they navigate a new environment that will challenge them on multiple levels.Grades in class will fluctuate throughout the semester. I encourage you to check your student's grades online weekly to alleviate any academic issues early. I have provided a link to HAC in the upper right hand corner of this page under the email contact. Login information and passwords may be obtained from the counselor. I am available to discuss your student's progress at anytime.

Biography:Teaching in the 253 for 18.5 years, 17 of them as a proud Wilson Ram! Just a humble individual living in a crazy world. Passionate about helping kids successfully navigate high school and beyond. Avid sports fan, reader, and lover of dogs. Proudly hail from Chicago, but consider myself a global citizen. Go Cubs, Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks!