¡Bienvenidos!   I am looking forward to an exciting year of teaching you Spanish; the Language and it's Culture.  My intention is to work with you and support you as you apply yourself to learn Spanish.  Remember.. arrive on time, prepared, focused and ready to learn and you shall be successful.  I am also available afterschool for extra help if you need it. 

 2017-2018 Class Schedule

1st period (Spanish 3-4) 7:35-8:3030

2nd period (Spanish 1-2) 8:35-9:30

3rd period (Spanish 1-2) 9:35-10:30

4th period (Spanish 1-2) 10:35-11:30

2nd Lunch:11:35-12:05

5th period (Spanish 5-6) 12:10-1:05

6th period Planning 1:05-2:05

Room# 225..... email: .....
 ph# 253-571-6025 (best time to reach me is 2:10-2:35pm).  
Online grades website: