Biology (periods 1 & 2)

Advanced Plant (period 3)
AP Environmental Science (periods 4 & 5)
Mrs. Gunns

 Arrival time: 7 am                                                                                                                    Room 104
 Departure time: 2:35 pm                                                                                                       (253) 571-6075
 Planning Period: 6                                                                        

 Biology offers students the basic understanding of scientific processes by working with plants in the classroom and the greenhouse. My students can expect to learn about plant physiology, current use, plant identification, scientific process, as well as, environmental issues related to plant biology. Along with these educational skills, students can expect to learn various skills to be used in the job market.

Environmental Science offers students the basic understanding of ecosystem dynamics and current environmental issues. My students can be expected to participate in campus field trips where we will test monitor several sites for productivity. This class will also provide students with the foundation for environmental field skills to be used in the job market. 

Teacher Bio:

I recently graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Environmental Science and Resource Management with an emphasis in Environmental Horticulture. Throughout my college career I worked at a local garden center in north Tacoma, where I gained a large volume of my horticulture background. My education, work experience, and a passion to inform the public has made me well prepared to work at Wilson. I believe that with hard work, dedication, and a strong working relationship that the environment in Plant Biology will be very conducive for great learning.