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Sports Medicine
Athletic Training

Room 206

2nd Lunch
4th Period - Advanced Sports Medicine
5th Period - Beginning Sports Medicine
6th Period - Beginning Sports Medicine

After School - Athletic Training Room


How To Interpret Grade Book 

MI - Student has not turned in this assignment. It is considered missing. It should be completed and submitted for credit. (50%)

AB - Student was absent when this assignment was given out. It does not currently count against them, but could change to MI if not submitted within the appropriate time. 

YES - Student has turned in this assignment, but it has not yet been graded. 

NO - Student did not turn in this assignment, but it does not count against them.

0 - Time to complete and submit this assignment has passed. Speak to teacher about options to complete this assignment.

*Keep in mind that if a grade changes from MI to 0, the student's overall grade will drop.