Whitman Families,

Alrighty then, we are big 5th graders now. So I should be able to talk to you reasonably and maturely as if you were almost a middle school kid, right? This year we will be focusing on RESPECT as a character trait. The "R" in PRIDE!!! Being a good colleague is a big part of this!!!!

Writing- We will be integrating writing into every subject, so be ready to rock! We will also still try to incorporate school news this year and get you writing about the things you love. You will be expected to contribute to the NewsWall.

Science- We will be studying soil, landforms, and geological processes like erosion and stuff, just like last year. It would also be cool if we did a Science Fair again like last year. I have a bunch of junk. If you do a good job getting your work done in class, I will let you take stuff apart.

Math- Starts out with Fractions. We will be including some science into our math.

Social Studies- The 50 states. The Age of Discovery. The Social Compact and the Rights of Man.

Reading- We'll be focusing on where you are now and getting you to where you are going to be... reading for enjoyment and purpose... again!!!

Be safe, be happy, and be prepared for school every day!

Mr. Benson
 571-7248, ebenson@tacoma.k12.wa.us  As always, PLEASE EMAIL ME ANYTIME!!!