Whitman Families,

Okay, I no longer have a beard! I want to welcome you and your student to my classroom! Again, we will be doing a lot of cool stuff this year. Things will be different this year. We will be using the garden for science..., that's different. I would like your student to get ready to be a scientist, so I would like to start a science club after school using our new Maker's Space Grant..., that's different. There's a bunch of stuff that's gonna be different that I can't think of right now, so bear with me.

Writing- We will be writing right off the bat, so be ready to contribute to the NewsWall.

Science- We will be studying soil, landforms, and geological processes like erosion and stuff.

Math- Starts out with Place Value. Really super haaaaaarrd! (yawn). Then we'll be adding, multiplying Multi-Digit Numbers!!!! OOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Social Studies- Lewis and Clark, Natives of the Pacific Northwest, Salish People and their really cool technology. Also Washington Government.

Reading- We'll be focusing on where you are now and getting you to where you are going to be... reading for enjoyment and purpose.

Be safe, be happy, and be prepared for school every day!

Mr. Benson
 571-7248, ebenson@tacoma.k12.wa.us  As always, PLEASE EMAIL ME ANYTIME!!!