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Beginning and Intermediate Spanish 2014/ 2015
Posted by Salomon Salvador on October 17, 2014 at 2:19pm

My goal this year is to teach the 3 aspects of the language: speaking, listening and writing, and the appreciation of the Spanish culture.  Beginning will use the present tense. Intermediate : present, past, future and some present progressive.  Each student has been issued a textbook: Expresate 1A(Beginning), and Expresate 1B( Intermeadiate). The cost to replace it if lost is $ 65.00.  All assignments will be completed in class, unless they don't finish, it will be a homework.  Students are required to take cornell notes during class and review them at home daily, as part of their homework. Cornell notes will be checked periodically for a grade.  Their grade will be determined as follows:

90%= tests, quizzes and projects= summative

10%= assignments,homework=participation

0%=pre-tests and practice of material studied in class=formative

My daily schedule:

1st period  8:10----8:35 (Advisory)

2nd period 9:43----8:38 (Beginning spanish)

3rd period  9:46----10:51 (Beginning Spanish)

4th period  10:54----11:59 (Planning)

4th  period  12:04----12:34 (2nd lunch)

5th period  12:37----1:42 (Intermidiate Spanish )

6th period  1:45----2:50 (Beginning Spanish)

Grading scale;

A  95%  Exceeding

B  85%  Meeting

C  75%  Approaching

D  65  Beginning

E  50%  No evidence, missing

Pleae encourage your son/daughter to review what was studied in class at least 15 minutes daily.

thank you,

If you have any question or concerns, please call me at (253) 571-7707 or email at ssalvad@tacoma.k12.wa.us">ssalvad@tacoma.k12.wa.us