Stadium High School Girls Soccer

Rules and Safety: Please review the WIAA/NFHS soccer rules at or for more information. 

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The team represents Stadium High School at all times and players will conduct themselves in accordance with Stadium High School’s code of conduct and ethics. We will respect each other, the coaches, opponents, referees, and all attendants of games. Foul language, Fighting/Bullying, and Disrespect will not be tolerated at any time. Drugs and Alcohol are strictly prohibited by the school and any involvement or association with controlled substances will result in removal from the team and appropriate disciplinary action. Further, involvement in any of the aforementioned activities can jeopardize the team’s status and eligibility for matches, including playoffs.

Equipment – Shin-guards and appropriate shoes are required at all practices and games. Wear appropriate clothing for weather conditions at all times and bring water to practices and games.

Attendance – Players must attend school for the ENTIRE SCHOOL DAY on all practice and game days. Excused medical absences MUST be cleared with the attendance AND athletic office prior to turn-out. If a player is absent from a practice the day before a game, that player will not be allowed to start the game.

Practices – All practices will run for approx. 90-120 min, from 2:30-4:30pm on non-game days, please refer to the game calendar for specific days and times. (We share the field with Stadium and Wilson football, thank you for understanding our irregular schedule) Please bring running shoes or flats (indoor shoes) to every training session for fitness work.

Games – Please see the attached game/bus schedule. Playing time and positions will be determined by the coaches. All players should be prepared to play every game.

Health – Please take time to ice and injuries or swelling. Warm-up and stretch all major muscle groups prior to, during, and after training sessions. Hydration is essential, please drink plenty of water during the day, before and after matches. Consider your diet during the season; sugars and saturated fats (candy, soda, chips, cookies) are not helpful, while proteins (meat, nuts, rice & beans), vitamins (fruits and vegetables), and carbohydrates (pasta and healthy granola bars) provide healthy energy and improve stamina and muscle tone. Water is priority and stay away from sugary snacks, greasy food, soda, and large mammals.