This week's vocabulary:

Choir- a group of people that sing together as an ensemble

Audience- a group of people who participate in an experience or encounter a work of art; a gathering of spectators or listeners at a performance. 

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year! I was happy to see so many familiar faces today, and look forward to getting to know all the new ones joining choir at Truman this year. These first three days we will be doing some teaching and review of expectations school-wide, so don't expect your student to come home singing choir music just yet!

To get started, please make sure that your student is prepared for success by bringing the following things for class:

1. 2 sharpened pencils (every day)
2. A composition notebook (no spiral notebooks this year)

This year our choir structure has changed. The following classes are now offered:
1st Period- Forza 
2nd Period- Concert Treble
3rd Period- Intermediate Treble
5th Period- Beginning Treble
6th Period- Honor Choir
Ask your student which class they are in!  

Music Department Handbooks (syllabus) and a "Fridge Calendar" will be coming home on Monday. Please read through the information with your student, complete the back page, and return to Mrs. Peters by Friday September 15th. This will be the first summative grade in their grade book!

Starting next week we will work into our normal routines. Just so that you know, students have a "Do Now" everyday, which means an assignment to work on as soon as they enter the classroom. Monday-Thursday this assignment will be recorded in our journals (composition notebooks). All students have a place to keep those journals in our room, organized and ready for class everyday. The routine is as follows:

Tuesday- Notation - students will copy a short sight singing exercise, label the solfege, and then prepare to sight sing the exercise. Students will be periodically assessed in their ability to sight sing the exercises. Concert Treble and Honor Choir will immediate begin this entire process, all other classes will work up to it.
Thursday- Notation
Friday- Weekly Report- ALL students will be given a weekly report each Friday. This is their practice log for the week. On Friday during our Do Now time students will be asked to fill out the heading part, copy down the assigned focus for their class, and write their own personal three practice goals for the week. These goals could be about how much time they will practice, it could be about mastering a specific piece or spot, it could be working to memorize lyrics, it could be about solfege, etc. These weekly reports run Friday to Friday. Thursday afternoon/evening students should be completing the reflection piece before sharing their record with you. Your signature is a part of the assignment, so please encourage your student to come up with a routine that incorporates this into their Thursday each week. We are all busy, and as much as we can make routine, it feels less like work! 

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. As I am away from my phone during class, email is the best way to get ahold of me.


Thank you,

Mrs. Peters