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Learning Targets for this new Unit

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Nanci Cornell
Truman Middle School
7th gr. Science
7th gr. Team Leader
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Tacoma Public Schools is partnering with the Tacoma Public Library with a project called Pathways. Students use their school ID# as their library card! There is Homework Help for students at the Tacoma Public Library for tutoring in all subject areas including SCIENCE. Please share the resource with them as a reminder… The video link is an example of how students can access their account for help!

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Cornell's Science Classes "SNAPSHOT"

What is Science?
Science seeks to discover the basic principles that govern the natural world. It tries to understand and explain the relationship among things. Scientific principles are usually expressed as theories or laws of science. Scientists develop and test their theories by conducting experiments.
Technology tries to meet human needs. Suppose you want to build a machine to do a particular task, such as lifting a load onto a platform. Building a machine is a technological design. First you have to gather materials, next assemble them to make the machine work, then define the machines efficiency
Based on scientific principles, technological designs create working solution for people. Technology gives us a chance to combine creativity and scientific knowledge.

                                                Target/Objective: Students understanding of...

                                                               "Why are we doing this?"
                                                               "How will I know if I've learned the objective?"
                                                               "How does this target affect me and my life?"
                                                                "How will I use the information in my future?"
ALL students will be required to carry with them, and use their Truman Assignment/Planner book, every period, every day.

This valuable tool will allow you to share the "snapshot" of their day
and focus in each classroom.

Please set a time and place for you and your child
to have the "snapshot" conversation, daily.

Nanci Cornell
7th grade Science
(253) 571-5644 (planning time 12:50-1:35)

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