Ms. Le's 6th Grade Classes '17-'18
1st Period: 6th Grade Science
2nd Period: 6th Grade Science
3rd Period: 6th Grade Science
4th Period: 6th Grade Science
5th Period: Planning
6th Period: 6th Grade Science HA


This site is currently under construction!

Here is a look at what we will be doing this year in 6th grade science...


On this website, you can find...

1. Classroom Calendar

  • If you've missed a day of school, check here to see what we did in class.
  • Click on events to open up a new window with links to worksheets or important documents!

2. Stay Connected

  • I will periodically write blog-posts about what the students are doing in-class or post big event items here.

3. Science Learning Resources

  • Here, you will find a database of videos, extra worksheets and other resources to help bolster your science learning.

4. About Me

  • Just a little background information on who I am and my philosophy on why I teach.

For 6th grade downstairs science please see Mrs. Phillip's webpage for more information.

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