Welcome to Independent Studies where we will improve our skills and build the confidence we need to be successful academically. We will learn many things with a blended learning style. Blended learning is a “blend” of an online class and support from your teacher and/or peers. The purpose of this class is to help you better you academic skills and to help you succeed in and out of school regardless of your academic performance at this time. Your online course was chosen carefully with help of your teachers, counselors and parents. Each student will work on their online class independently.

 Student Learning Objectives

  • To improve intellectual, ethical and spiritual development.
  • To improve areas of academic struggle (all contents)
  • Learn new and exciting concepts in different subject areas
  • Develop great study habits.
  • Promote online learning opportunities to serve students needs

Classroom Culture

Our classroom is a place where everyone is valued. We are respectful, helpful and considerate of others. Our classroom is a place to learn and thrive. We take risks and make mistakes because mistakes are opportunities to learn. Mistakes are a necessary part of the learning process. Our classroom is a safe place and you will be supported in your learning every step of the way.


We expect everyone to work hard and do his or her best. Working hard does not mean getting the right answer all the time, but that you show effort at ALL times. Learning is not an individual process, but a collective process. We learn TOGETHER or we do not learn at all. As your teacher, I am no exception. I must learn from you in order to help you all learn better.


  • Personal Ear buds
  • Notebook (for personal notes)
  • Pencil
  • Yellow Highlighter