Welcome to Mr. Parker's Algebra.
      We are about to begin a new year and I am excited about getting started. We will be covering a lot of new material. I know this will be a challenge but I am hoping that we can learn and progress.
      You will need a few things, this should have been covered in your registration packet. The big things are pencils (all work for my class is done in pencil), notebook paper, colored pencils, a ruler or straight edge, and a protractor. A calculator is important, but you do not need to by a scientific or graphing calculator. All of the work that you will be doing can be done on simpler calculator.
      Be aware that you will have assignments to complete almost every day. We will always start assignments in class, but you will most likely not be able to complete them during class time. This is intentional; we are preparing you for high school. It is important that you keep up on your assignments, this is the practice for the concepts we will be covering. The assessments (tests) will be the majority of your grade and will be the way that you show me that you understand the new concepts.
       So. let's get ready and have a great year at Truman.
I am looking forward to meeting all of you.
Mr. Parker