Welcome to Ms. Farver's Website!
A little about me: 
I love reading, walking my dog, listening to all types of music, eating organic food, watching football, playing softball, learning something new every day, recycling, playing the piano, traveling, watching movies, and all sorts of other things that catch my attention at the moment. I'm excited that after much effort, I earned my Masters Degree
 from the University of Washington Tacoma in June of 2010. Thanks for getting to know a little about me. I look forward to getting to know you better, too!

Ms. Jessica Farver
Truman Middle School
8th Grade Language Arts

Words to live by:
Tonight, at the dinner table, read something out loud to your family. Tomorrow night, let another member read something. A new story. A Bible verse. A Robert Frost poem. A cereal box panel. History. Humor. Anything. Each night a different family member can read a selection. Imagine the wide range of subjects your family will read in 365 days. What a stimulating way to have your children develop good habits. We have 23 million illiterate adults in America. We wouldn't have one, if each of them had been served reading as part of their nightly diet. It's non-fattening, but enriching. And it doesn't cost a dime.
A message as published in the Wall Street Journal