Ms. Pearson's 5th Grade Class Room C-10


Graduation is coming! Parents will be invited to a special ceremony and to join in our end of the year celebration on June 11th. Look for an invitation from your child. On that day, we will be singing a special song, best known as a global hit by Michael Jackson, "Man in the Mirror". In reading we are learning how to summarize notes from large bodies of information. We are also writing multi-paragraph papers with citations. We're studying food webs, aerodynamics, and the sun. We are also wrapping up the American Revolution and learning about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The kids have successfully completed multi-day tests,  including the SBAC, math and reading tests, and most recently - the Science MSP. The kids are tired and ready for a break this summer. It is a busy spring.

                   CubeVolume.png            FodWebs.png                     SophiasWar.png                            MJManintheMirror.png                          MandalaMonks.jpg                         Crispus.png