A few tips to support yourself through NGSS Biology this year:

* All classes generally cover and complete the same work each day. I teach about 146 students. If you can't reach me, always message a friend and ask your question.

* I try to check my email between 5-7 pm each day, so if you have a question, please email me before 7 pm and I will do my best to answer it. 

* Use  scientific language when answering questions. If you are asked to analyze data, reference the data-- it is your evidence. If you are comparing two systems, use the scientific terms that describe them. Write like a scientist. And if you aren't sure about answer, never leave it blank or write IDK. Take a deep breath and jot down what you do know and then answer the parts of the question you do understand. Something is better than nothing because this is a STANDARDS based curriculum.

*Use diagrams or drawings to explain your answers. We call this 2-D modeling. Modeling is an important piece of scientific investigations and it's used in all kinds of careers. So if you are asked to explain the relationship between wolves and rivers, by all means include your own 2-D model that is labeled and annotated. Label- what it is. Annotate- a brief explanation. 

*Self advocating is important. If you have a question then ask during class.  Probably 5 other people have the same question. Here is an easy way to ask if you aren't sure how to get it started and rather than people thinking you don't something, they will think you are very articulate and responsible. :)

"Excuse me, Ms. Stultz, could you clarify the directions on section 2 of our lab?"

"Ms. Stultz, could you repeat the last part of the directions? I want to be sure I am clear on the procedure."