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Bloodborne Pathogens

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Bloodborne Pathogens




You are scheduled for the following American Red Cross course:


Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED;  HSSSFA516 r.2017


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What are Washington State Learning Goals, Standards, and Benchmarks?

These four learning goals are the foundation of all academic learning standards in Washington State:

  • Read with comprehension, write effectively, and communicate successfully in a variety of ways and settings and with a variety of audiences.
  • Know and apply core-concepts and principles of mathematics; social, physical, and life sciences; civics and history, including different cultures and participation in representative government; geography; arts; and health and fitness [now named physical education].
  • Think analytically, logically, and creatively, and integrate technology literacy and fluency as well as different experiences and knowledge to form reasoned judgments and solve problems.
  • Understand the importance of work and finance and how performance, effort, and decisions directly affect future career and education opportunities.

What are Tacoma School District's Priority Standards for Health Education for High School? (Organized per TPS work group)

  • Standard 1: (WA State 7)  Students will demonstrate the ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors and avoid or reduce health risks.                                                                  

Standard 5:     Students will demonstrate the ability to use decision-making skills to enhance health.

Standard 6:     Students will demonstrate the ability to use goal-setting skills to enhance health.                    

Standard 8:     Students will demonstrate the ability to advocate for personal, family, and community health.                                       

  • Standard 2:  Students will analyze the influence of family, peers, culture, media, technology, and other factors on health behaviors.

Standard 1:     Students will comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention to enhance health.  

Standard 3:     Students will demonstrate the ability to access valid information and products and services to enhance health.

Standard 4:     Students will demonstrate the ability to use interpersonal communication skills to enhance health and avoid or reduce health risks.

Standard 8:     Students will demonstrate the ability to advocate for personal, family, and community health. 

What are Core Ideas?

Core ideas are embedded in all eight of the standards and will come out through the content that is taught.  Content changes over time, so we believe teaching the skills described in the standards are a priority for life-long learning.  Standard 8 is a supporting standard that will develop through the cultivation of Standards 1-7.

These are the Core Ideas for Health Education -- High School:

          Wellness (W)

          Safety (Sa)

          Nutrition (N)

          Sexual Health (Se)

          Social Emotional Health (So)

          Substance Use and Abuse (Su)

What "Umbrella" is the course Family Health Under?     

          Career and Technical Education's Program Area called Human Services and department area called Family and Consumer Science.

What leadership opportunities are available to students?  

          Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO's) are available at the state level through Family, Career, and Community Leadership Association [FCCLA] or through locally developed leadership opportunities.  Stadium High School's Family Health Student Leadership Organization is called iLead Family Health Club.

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