Welcome to the SWIFT site for Geometry 1-2 with Mrs. Roscoe. Our class can be a little different, and there may be some crazy challenges and flying rockets- to that end this site should help us be organized. I'll be taking comments and learning how to work this, so feel free to help me improve this resource! Please read the full syllabus (available on the September Handouts page) for more information about the class, but here's the basics:

Geometry 1 (MVP 2)                              text: MVP Year 2, student workbooks


Mrs. Cate Roscoe    email: croscoe@tacoma.k12.wa.us       phone: 253-571-3166


Teacher’s statement to students: It is our commitment to provide ALL students with a safe and productive work environment, and to provide challenging curriculum with the support needed to achieve our highest expectations.


Course description:  The goal of this course is to foster excellent problem solving skills, concrete/contextual application, and mathematical thinking- while obtaining mastery of the fundamental components of geometry and quadratic algebra. This course will balance conceptual and procedural knowledge, as well as problem-solving skills.  As a part of this course students will learn though: investigation, application of skills, and interactive projects/lessons. This course will use: instruction, activities, practice problems, manipulatives and other conceptual tools in independent and group work.  There will be required assignments, which will be started, although rarely finished, in class.  There may also be additional problems assigned when students need additional practice. This class will guide students to take action towards recognizing their academic needs and responding appropriately. Students will often be required to explain their thinking to others in the class, and to work with, and as, a team. This is done because we learn most of what we discuss, and all most all of what we teach.  Furthermore it develops conceptual understanding, mathematical thinking, and communication skills. Students are held to an extremely high expectation of effort, behavior, and personal responsibility. Grading is standards based, using the common core standards including the 8 standards of mathematical practice. Please see attached course topics and standards.