Welcome to Mr. Randall's classroom webpage.  As an academic classroom, it is imperative that we - students, parents, and educators, adopt a community approach to learning, so I encourage you, as parents, to be active in your child's education.  

*Please keep in mind that grades will fluctuate greatly at the beginning of each semester, and will balance themselves out as the semester progresses.  One piece of early concern should be with any missing assignments  - which can be noted by a score of zero in the grade book - a 'no grade' simply means that it is yet to be assessed.

Please use this site as a resource to help your student succeed this year.  On this site, you will find the classroom syllabus, announcements, classroom focuses and links to on-line versions of the texts read in class. 

Please contact me at any time with concerns or questions via email or at 571-3019.