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bulletgrey.gif My Favorite Khan Academy Activities:
Bullet-06-june.gif  Line Graph Intuition
Bullet-03-june.gif  Identifying Slope of a Line
Bullet-06-june.gif  Graphing Linear Equations
Bullet-03-june.gif  Ordered Pair Solutions to Linear Equations
Bullet-06-june.gif Linear Function Intercepts
Bullet-03-june.gif  Views of a Function
Bullet-06-june.gif  Slope Intercept Form
Bullet-03-june.gif  Graphs of Inequalities in Two Variables
Bullet-06-june.gif  2-Step Equations
Bullet-03-june.gif  Equations with Variables on Both Sides
Bullet-06-june.gif  Interpreting and Solving Linear Inequalities
Bullet-03-june.gif  Linear Equation and Inequality Word Problems
Bullet-06-june.gif  Solving Equations in the Real World 1
Bullet-03-june.gif Pythagorean Theorem
Bullet-06-june.gif Distance Formula
Bullet-03-june.gif  Combining Like Terms
Bullet-06-june.gif  Combining Like Terms with Distribution
Bullet-03-june.gif  Graphing Systems of Equations
Bullet-06-june.gif Systems of Equations with Simple Elimination
Bullet-03-june.gif Estimating the Line of Best Fit
Bullet-06-june.gif Constructing Scatter Plots


bulletgrey.gif My Favorite Geometry Sites:
bullet1.gif Math Continuum - Alberta  new4.gif
bullet2.gif Area and Perimeter - Shape Detective
bullet1.gif Area and Perimeter - Shape Builder
bullet2.gif Area and Perimeter - Geoboard
bullet1.gif Pythagorean Theorem - Asset  coolmath.gif
bullet2.gif Pythagorean Explorer
bullet1.gif Pythagorean Theorem Jeopardy
bullet2.gif Geometry 3D Shapes Interactives
bullet1.gif Volume of Prisms - Asset  coolmath.gif
bullet2.gif Volume of Cylinders  coolmath.gif
bullet1.gif Volume of Pyramids
bullet2.gif Volume of Cones
bullet1.gif Volume of Spheres
bullet2.gif Surface Area of Prisms
bullet1.gif Surface Area of Cylinders
bullet2.gif Surface Area of Pyramids
bullet1.gif Surface Area of Cones
bullet2.gif Surface Area of Spheres
bullet1.gif Angles - Shodor
bullet2.gif Transformations - Transmographer
bullet1.gif Transformations - Transmographer 2
bullet2.gif Parallel Lines - Transversal
bullet1.gif Polygons - Sum of Interior Angles
bullet2.gif Polygons - Exterior Angles
bullet1.gif Similar Triangles
bullet2.gif Similar Triangles - Applied  coolmath.gif
bullet1.gif Trigonometry Mini Golf
bullet2.gif Right Triangle Geometry

bulletgrey.gif My Favorite Algebra Sites:
stargoldlarge.gif Balance Scales - 1 and 2 Step  coolmath.gif
bullet1.gif Algebra Balance Scales 
stargoldlarge.gif Algebra Balance Scales - Negatives  coolmath.gif
bullet1.gif Algebra Equation Buster
stargoldlarge.gif Algebra Equation Balance 1
bullet1.gif Algebra Equation Balance 2
stargoldlarge.gif Function Machine - Table and Graph
bullet1.gif Function Machine - Guess the Function
stargoldlarge.gif Function Machine - Guess the Function
bullet1.gif Exponents - Dinosaurs - Alberta
stargoldlarge.gif Scientific Notation Explorer
bullet1.gif Ratios and Proportions - Liberty  coolmath.gif
stargoldlarge.gif Proportions - Millionaire
bullet1.gif Like Terms - Algebra Tiles  new4.gif
stargoldlarge.gif Like Terms - Polynomials - Tiles  new4.gif
bullet1.gif Like Terms - Polynomials - Battleship
stargoldlarge.gif Slope of a Line
bullet1.gif Slope - Line Plotter
stargoldlarge.gif Slope Millionaire  new4.gif
bullet1.gif Slopes and Equations of Lines
stargoldlarge.gif Slope-intercept Form of a Line
bullet1.gif Graphing Linear Equations
stargoldlarge.gif Graphing Real World Situations  coolmath.gif
bullet1.gif Graphing Linear Inequalities
stargoldlarge.gif Linear Inequalities - Slider Bars
bullet1.gif Linear Inequalities Millionaire
stargoldlarge.gif Systems of Linear Equations
bullet1.gif Systems - Car Race - Applied  coolmath.gif
 stargoldlarge.gif Scatterplot - Height and Hand-span


bulletgrey.gif My Favorite Graphing Tools:
spiral.gif Multi-Function Data Flyer  new4.gif
spiral.gif Function Flyer - Shodor
spiral.gif Line of Best Fit - Regression
spiral.gif Linear Function Explorer
spiral.gif Slope Slider
spiral.gif Linear Inequalities
spiral.gif Multi-Function Grapher
spiral.gif Quadratic Function Explorer
spiral.gif Trigonometric Graphing - NCTM
spiral.gif Function Grapher - Systems


bulletgrey.gif Jeopardy Math Review Sites:
boxred.gif Algebra Antics - MathBits  coolmath.gif
bullet1.gif Algebra Antics Part 2  coolmath.gif
boxred.gif Algebra Review - Boston Public Schools
bullet1.gif PreAlgebra Ponderings - MathBits
boxred.gif Geometry Figures Jeopardy
bullet1.gif Algebraic Equations - Challenge
boxred.gif Algebra Review - Regents
bullet1.gif Evaluating Functions - Challenge
boxred.gif Pre-Algebra Super Challenge
bullet1.gif Slope Intercept Jeopardy
boxred.gif Algebra 2/Trig Review Challenge
bullet1.gif Algebra 2/Trig Review Challenge 2 new4.gif


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