Welcome to Senior English and College in the High School.

My name is Craig Mar Chun, .J.D.

I teach regular senior english first semester and Central Washington University's College in the High School Freshman English 101 in our second semester.

Students who successfully pass the first semester of  senior english with a "C+" and higher; and complete all assignments are enrolled in the College in the High School program second semester.

What this means is that your student at the end of the second semester will receive a transcript for five credits of university freshman english ( one-half year ) from Central Washington University.

The transcript will include your student's name, my name, the course English 101 , and his or her grade.

This transcript can be attached to an application to a community college or a university.

Successfully completing English 101 fuffills the first semester of college english in the State.

Students receive a discounted tuition..

My office hours are 2:05 to 2:35 pm and by appointment.

My email is cmarchu@tacoma.k12.wa.us.

And my office phone is (253) 571-3174.