Welcome to Technical Theatre 2- Stagecraft. This is the correct website if you are in technical theatre on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7th Period

This class is intended as a follow-up to Intro to Technical Theatre Design. If you have not taken either this class or Introduction to Theatre, this class may be challenging for you if you have no background in theatre but we will do our best to help you keep up.

This class requires some time outside of class hours to attend performances and job shadow professionals in the industry. Please be aware of this and sign up early with your teacher to make sure you can schedule times that will work with your calendar. This class also requires hands-on work and physical activity. Please dress appropriately every day for class to climb ladders and wear closed-toed shoes.

By way of introduction, my name is Mark Thomason and I was, until coming to SOTA, the Production Manager at the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts just down the street.  If you've seen a performance at the Rialto, Pantages, or Theatre on the Square, or in one of our studio spaces in the prior three years, I was probably working on that performance behind the scenes, and as a large part of your class experience I'll be taking you backstage at our theatres and introducing you to the professional world of live performance. We will meet at the SOTA theatre everyday but will frequently walk down the block to one of the BCPA theatres during class time. We will also be learning to usher at BCPA as a part of this class.

I was the Production Stage Manager at BCPA from 2012-2014, and I was the Technical Director for the Admiral Theatre Foundation for 10 years before that. I'm a lighting designer and have worked in numerous theatres in the region as well as traveling around the country on tour, working on several films, and sailing across the Atlantic while running the stages on board the Queen Elizabeth 2 ocean liner. I'm excited to be joining you in class and while I've taught some master classes and some college classes, this fall was my first time teaching high school so I'll be looking to the students to tell me how I'm doing and to help me find the best ways to help you learn all about technical theatre.

I look forward to working with you all!

-Mark Thomason