Songwriting 3 and 4 

Derrick Robinson 

Songwriting 3 and 4 are a continuation of Songwriting 1 and 2. Students must have completed the previous classes before enrolling. Songwriting at SOTA is intended to provide students the skills necessary to compose original works of music for both artistic and practical application. Structured for intermediate/advanced songwriters, these classes are project-based. Students will work closely with staff and fellow students to create a body of high quality work, showcased through performance and recordings. 

Materials: Each student will need to have a songwriting journal. This should be a notebook, sketch book, or binder that is portable and easy to manage. This is a personal choice, and therefore I am not going to give a specific item to purchase. Guitars and Pianos are available for use during the school day, but arrangements should be made for students to practice on their chosen instrument at home.

The course syllabus and summative assessment rubrics can be found in the documents page.

* for songwriting 1 please refer to Paul Eliot's SWIFT site


Derrick Robinson’s Teaching Schedule 
1. Intro to Songwriting
2. Classical Guitar
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4. <plan> 
5. Audio Recording
6. Audio Recording
7. Intro to Songwriting
8. Songwriting 3


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