Dear Parents and Students,

¡Bienvenidos alumnos y padres!  Hello and welcome to Spanish at School of the Arts.  My name is Rachel Pardur, and I am your student’s Spanish teacher.  I would like to begin by saying that I am very excited to be teaching Spanish here at SOTA.   I would also like to give a brief background about myself.  I graduated from Wilson High School.  I have a BA in Spanish from Eastern Washington University and a Master’s in Teaching Degree from Whitworth College.  This will be my twentieth year in education.  In addition, I taught for two years in Guadalajara, Mexico.  My teaching experience includes primary, secondary, and university level. 

Now I would like to briefly explain what the students can expect to learn in my class.  The students will learn a variety of vocabulary, verb tenses, and cultural aspects pertaining to the Spanish language.  As a teacher, I emphasize hands-on learning in the classroom.  I plan to get the students up and out of their seats as much as possible as they actively learn Spanish.  Every class period, the students will be hearing, speaking, and writing Spanish.  Daily, we speak in Spanish as a class in the oral circle.  Also, there are project based assessments provided for each student to demonstrate knowledge of the Spanish language with authentic, real life activities. I am excited to share my insight regarding culture, and I plan to provide a variety of activities for the students including art, music and games.  I anticipate this class being a lot of fun!  The students will be expected to work hard and have homework nightly.  Please take time to read and sign the classroom guidelines information sent home with your student on the first day of classes.  It is imperative that both the students and parents understand the classroom guidelines in order to be successful in this class. 

Lastly, my dedication to students and the learning process is strong.  Together, I plan on working hard, learning Spanish, and having fun.   As a teacher, I make myself very available to students and parents.  I welcome questions and concerns from both students and parents at the appropriate times.  My schedule and contact information will be found in the classroom guidelines.   I look forward to getting to know you all!  Hasta luego…


 Rachel Pardur