Day 1: Introduction to AP Language

  • Overview of Course Targets
  • The Exam- the parts and deadlines
  • Expectations/Habits for Success- Syllabus overview
  • Reading Assignment Overview- highlighting of books read on canonical literature list
  • Personal Narrative Essay Assignment- beginning notes

HW: Find the essay prompts for you safe, fit, and reach school 

Day 2: Personal Narrative Essay

  • Entry Task: Progymnasmata- The Encomium
    • a "composition expository of attendant excellencies" about a table partner
    • 1.Describe the stock a person comes from: 
      1.what people 
      2.what country 
      3.what ancestors 
      4.what parents 
      2.Describe the person's upbringing 
      2.instruction in art 
      3.training in laws 
      3.Describe the person's deeds, which should be described as the results of 
      1.his/her excellencies of mind (such as fortitude or prudence) 
      2.his/her excellencies of body (such as beauty, speed, or vigor) 
      3.his/her excellencies of fortune (as high position, power, wealth, friends) 
      4.Make a favorable comparison to someone else to escalate your praise 
      5.Conclude with an epilogue including either an exhortation to your hearers to emulate this person, or a prayer.
  • Vocabulary list: anecdote, narrative, motif, pedantic, succinct
  • Personal Narrative Essay
    • What not to do... examples of bad intros
    • What worked... reading examples from JHU accepted essays (https://apply.jhu.edu/application-process/essays-that-worked/)
    • Dos and Don'ts of Essays
    • The Anecdotal Hook 
    • Rubric & Worktime