Update 4/24 -= SAMi Fall and Spring Schedules posted in Documents section of this website.

Update 4/21 - Majors have been revised and the new list is in the documents section of this website.

Update 4/10 - Still on Revision B - Moffett SPRING period 6 should read HISTORY 9-10, not "ist"

Update 4/10 - We're now on Master Schedule B, please disregard version A.  The Changes today are:  1) Add Chamber Strings (Audition) Class to SPRING per. 6 (Artist-in-Residence) and, 2) Remove CitHS designation for all Drawing classes taught by Michelle Soderstrom (Artist-in-Residence) both FALL and SPRING.

Update 4/9 - If you got the schedule before 9:45PM tonight, get the new one.  We're now on Schedule A.  Corrects Higgins period 7, Hagman period 7 and Hightower per. 1 Fall.

 Welcome to the registration website for current students of SOTA.  Please check back here often as there are often updates or small changes made to the master schedule prior to registration.  Those updates will always be found listed right here, on this page and in RED.

The SAMi Schedule will be available next week for you to look over to see if you want to take classes there!

Please make sure that you view the ANNOUNCEMENTS page for information on how, when and where registration will be conducted for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.  It is essential that you understand the changes from previous year's ways of doing things.

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