Become A Bolder Folder

An Installation by Dawn NG

(An installation by Dawn Ng using Paper Planes)


Chris Boss

(An Installation by Chris Boss based on Coral Reefs)



Welcome, students of Peter Edwards' 2016 A&A course: "Become 

a bolder Folder". I will be creating a documents page and uploading 

the instructional I've made on folding a modular truncated icosahedron

or "Buckminsterfullerene" (and here is a tutorial video I found useful).

Please remember to turn in your folded amphibians for Operation T.B.H.

before the end of the semester, and even if you already have stop

by the lighting studio this week for a surprise!


Daniel Gonzalez

(An Pop-Up Kirigami Installation by Daniel González )



By request, here is a link to the video we were watching in class

( ). A reminder: you should have

at least 8 things turned in to me before break (anything above that

will earn an exceeding). This will be a summative grade.

Happy folding!



Takauki Hori

(Takayuki Hori's X-Ray Origami: Endangered Species)



 Sipho Mabona

(Sipho Mabona's Swarm of Flying Money Origami Locusts)