Michael Hagmann
Tacoma School of the Arts
Science Instructor

Patterns of phone use and crashes don't match - link here

Voice-command systems help older drivers focus on the road - link here

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Michael Hagmann

mhagman@tacoma.k12.wa.us - district email - Preferred

  • Preferred contacts: district email, cell phone/text - then smoke signals
  • Office hours / Extra help sessions: I can be found after school in the 1950 Pacific Avenue building.
Period Class Teaching Space
Marine Science Tacoma Youth Marine Center
Marine Science Tacoma Youth Marine Center
Planning 1950 somewhere
Chemistry 1950 back science
Chemistry  1950 back science
Chemistry 1950 back science
planning 1950 somewhere
Chemistry 1950 Back Science

Friday Schedule:
8-10am SOTA staff meeting (no students)
10:30am-Noon:30 Mentor Project Group (MPG) in the Front Science
Noon:30-1:30pm lunch
1:30-3:30pm A&A or showcase or MPG

sotahagmann@gmail.com - it also works

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