Welcome Millionaires:)


**Please come ready on Friday to sign up for conferences (afternoons and evenings of the 25th & 26th.  
**Please bring a signed permission form for rock climbing to me no later than October 21st.  Also go to Climb Tacoma's website and have your parent/guardian complete the online waiver together with you: http://www.climbtacoma.com/#waiver

It is great to have our MPG back from the summer and we get to meet in the UW1 room this semester (also known as BB107).  This year we are all signing up to be on ONE committee (only a few exceptions).  If your name is not yet on one, please look over the responsibilities and consider what you would enjoy contributing.

Committees & Members (subject to change in the first month):

Veronica Niki McKinley Andy
Shay Leigh Danica Cecilia Gracie
Sylvia Veronica Danica Bryce
Brodrick Brandi   Nadine
Ceci Shahayla   Matthew

Responsibilities of Each Committee
- Coordinate food bringing and sharing on Fridays
- Know whose responsibility it is to volunteer (in regards to food) each week

- Coordinate tutoring
- Provide support in monitoring and improving grades
- Manage Study Days

- Ensure every mentee's voice is heard and taken into account
- Is responsible for bridging people within our MPG (mentee to mentee, mentee to mentor, etc)
- Relays news, updates, reminders to all of our MPG

- Create and coordinate special MPG events
- Provide support during/leading up to events

If you have questions / comments / things to add, please email me at mbillin@tacoma.k12.wa.us