Projects Due On Monday! (4/12/18):

Project Assignment Pages and Report Templates are in Docs section.

Also, classroom notes uploaded into the Docs page.

I will be answering emails one to two times nightly this weekend, should you have questions on your work. Good luck!



Your Homework from Day 1 (1/29/18):

1.  Name, Preferred Name, Pronouns:

2.  Favorite Subject in School:

3.  Favorite Color:

4.  Dream Job:

5.  Hobbies:

6.  Several Words People Might Use to Describe You:

7.  What’s your major, or, what medium(s) of art are you most interested in?

8.  Favorite Music, Favorite Movies, Favorite Shows, Favorite Books or Comics:

 9.  What would you do if aliens gave you 10 billion dollars but were going to destroy the world the very next day? 

10.  What are your best qualities / strengths?

11.  If you could invent a product or start a company, what would it be?



We will start by working together on this conditional probability question:

If you have a deck of cards, what is the probability that you will draw (at random) two Kings, one right after another?