Welcome to Statistics. You can find powerpoints and handouts in the documents section or by clicking the links below.

Teacher: Lauren Stout

Location: Period 1 UWT BB107


Calculator Tricks

Daily Log

Day 24: Wednesday, December 6: Powerpoint

Day 23: Monday, December 4: Powerpoint    Activity    Homework

Day 22: Wednesday, November 29: Boxplots Powerpoint   Activity

Day 21: Monday, November 27: Stemplots and Describing Distributions with Numbers Powerpoint   Activity

Day 20: Wednesday, November 15: Histograms Powerpoint

Day 19: Wednesday, November 8: Bar and Line Graphs Powerpoint

Day 18: Monday, November 6: Pie Charts Powerpoint

Day 17: Wednesday, November 1: Yahtzee and Sampling Summative

Day 16: Monday, October 30: Sampling Summative and Experiments Powerpoint

Homework: Texting Write-Up; Write your own summative: 3 examples of each: simple random, systematic, stratified, cluster, convenience, voluntary

Day 15: Wednesday, October 25: Sampling Powerpoint

Day 14: Monday, October 23: Substitute Activity and Texting Lab Write-Up Instructions 

Day 13: Wednesday, October 18: Summative Part 2 (Texting and Driving Lab) Powerpoint

Day 12: Monday, October 16: Unit 1 Wrap-up and POP SUMMATIVE QUIZ Powerpoint

Day 11: Wednesday, October 11: SAT/PSAT Testing

Days 8-10 Monday, October 2/Wednesday, October 5/Monday, October 9: SAT Practice

Practice tests, answer and worked out solutions (Note: we did test 8 in class days 8 and 9 and the no calculator part of test 7 on day 10)

Day 7 Wednesday, September 27: Measuring and Making Sense of Numbers Powerpoint

Day 6 Monday, September 35: Measuring Powerpoint

Day 5 Wednesday, September 20: Experiments and Measuring Powerpoint

Day 4 Monday, September 18: Census Powerpoint Activity/Homework

Day 3 Wednesday, September 13: Observational Studies and Sample Surveys Powerpoint

Day 2 Monday, September 11: Where Do Data Come From? Powerpoint  Warm-Up  Homework

Day 1 Wednesday, September 6: What is Statistics? and Classifying Variables Powerpoint