Welcome to Statistics!

Textbook: https://archive.org/details/LarsonFarberElementaryStatistics5th

Time and location: 1st and 2nd periods at UWT 

Contact: lstout@tacoma.k12.wa.us

My name is Lauren Stout and this is my second year teaching at SOTA. I am so excited to be teaching statistics. The concepts we cover in this class will change how you look at the information you are presented everyday in the news, on tv, or just in line at the grocery store. 

It is your responsibility to check the daily log below regularly. You are responsible for completing all material listed for each day before the next class.

Daily Log

Day 24: Wednesday, December 14

Day 23: Monday, December 12
Summative Review

Day 22: Wednesday, December 7

Day 21: Monday, December 5
Review Day with Substitute

Day 20: Wednesday, November 30
Normal Curves and the Empirical Rule

Day 19: Monday, November 28
Measures of Variation

Day 18: Wednesday, November 16
Measures of Central Tendency, Boxplots

Day 17: Monday, November 14
Test Day

  • Homework: Mean, Median, Mode Worksheet and e-mail in project submission form and survey questions if not already done (project info under documents)

Day 16: Wednesday, November 9
Review Day

  • Practice Quiz
  • Practice Quiz Key
  • Homework: e-mail your detailed answers to topic submission form and your 4-5 survey questions to lstout@tacoma.k12.wa.us before school on Monday (even if we've already discussed your topic in person, still send them to me)... project forms are available under "documents"

Day 15: Monday, November 7
Histograms and Stemplots

Day 14: Wednesday, November 2
Frequency Distributions

Day 13: Monday, October 31
Terminology (Types of Variables - Levels of Measurement)

Day 12: Wednesday, October 26
Terminology (Individual, Population, Sample, Parameter, Statistic)

Day 11: Monday, October 17
SAT Prep

  • Correct SAT homework packet pages 3 and 4 questions at the board
  • Do practice SAT 3 no calculator 
  • Correct practice SAT 3 (answers)
  • Homework: SAT Packet pages 1-3 (whole packet due 10/26)
  • Extra practice: practice SAT 3 calculator (answers)
  • Encouraged: google and print Sat Math Bible Notecards 

Day 11: Wednesday, October 12
SAT Prep

  • Correct SAT homework packet pages 1 and 2 questions at the board
  • Do practice SAT 2 no calculator 
  • Correct practice SAT 2 (answers)
  • Homework: SAT Packet pages 1-3 (whole packet due 10/26)
  • Extra practice: practice SAT 2 calculator (answers)
  • Encouraged: google and print Sat Math Bible Notecards 

Day 10: Monday, October 10
SAT Prep

  • Correct Probability SAT homework questions at the board
  • Discuss test taking tips
  • Do practice SAT 1 no calculator 
  • Correct practice SAT 1 (answers)
  • Homework: SAT Packet pages 1-3 (whole packet due 10/26)
  • Extra practice: practice SAT 1 calculator (answers)
  • Encouraged: google and print Sat Math Bible Notecards

Day 9: Wednesday, October 5

  • In-class probability summative (review practice test)
  • Turn in game rules, reflections, tree diagram and probability distributions (at least 3 tables)
  • Competition for "best game"
  • Begin SAT prep

Day 8: Monday, October 3
Practice Summative

Day 7: Wednesday, September 28

  • Finish project (Due Monday 10/3)... bonus on Monday's summative if your game is "playable" on Monday
  • Finish homework packet (answers) (Due Monday 10/3)
  • Work on "Practice Summative" (In-class Summative Monday 10/3)

Day 6: Monday, September 26
Conditional Rule

Day 5: Wednesday, September 21
Multiplication Rule

Day 4: Monday, September 19
Tree Diagrams

Day 3: Wednesday, September 13
Addition Rule

Day 2: Monday, September 12
Introduction to Probability

  • Activity: Are there more gold or silver Hershey Kisses in the bag?
  • Powerpoint: Probability Day 1
  • HW: last slide of powerpoint (assume student ID cannot be all zeros)

Day 1: Wednesday, September 7

  • "Name Tents": Write your name on a notecard and decorate it so Lauren and your classmates can get to know you.
  • Reading: "You Can Grow Your Intelligence"
    Following each section, draw a picture on this handout and explain how it represents the main idea of that section. 
  • Chess Challenge: To pay the mathematician who created chess, a king offers him the two rewards. For each reward, decide if the king has enough to pay the mathematician. Justify your answer. Note: you do not need to use complicated math formulas. 
  • Who I Am: Take some time to do some self-reflection and share a bit about yourself with Lauren and your classmates. We will do a quick show and tell next class.
  • Syllabus: Read through with your parents and return signed copy next class.
  • Homework: Finish up the brain handout, Who I Am activity, and get syllabus signed.