Welcome to Algebra 3. You can find in-class handouts in the documents section or by clicking the links below.

Teacher: Lauren Stout

Location: Period 2 UWT BB107, Periods 4/8 1950 Orange Room, Periods 5/6 UWT WCG110



Function Notation Summative April 18/19: no notes, no calculator!

Unit 3 Summative retakes before April 19 Guidelines

                                          Daily Log

Wednesday, April 25/Thursday, April 26: Composite functions


Monday, April 23/Tuesday, April 24: Refresher on multiplying monomials; More operations with functions


Wednesday, April 18/Thursday, April 19: Function Notation Summative and Intro to Function Operations Homework


Monday, April 16/Tuesday, April 17: Function Notation Review Standard 1, Standard 2


Wednesday, April 11/Thursday, April 12: Function Notation Warm-Up, Activity, Homework 


Monday, April 9/Tuesday, April 10: Intro to Function Notation Activity and Homework


Wednesday, March 21/Thursday, March 22: Retakes and late pi day celebration


Tuesday, March 20: Absolute Value Summative


Thursday, March 15: Absolute Value Review


Wednesday, March 14: Absolute Value Summative


Monday, March 12/Tuesday, March 13: Solving Absolute Value Equations


Wednesday, March 7/Thursday, March 8: Absolute Value with a not equal to 1; Domain Restrictions with Calculator



Monday, March 5/Tuesday, March 6: Line Review and Absolute Value with a=1; Domain Restrictions

Activities: Slope from a graph, Graphing lines, Graphing absolute value a=1 

Homework: Star 1) Write 10 linear equations w/domain restrictions; 2) Write 4 absolute value equations and y=3 w/domain restrictions


Wednesday, February 28/Thursday, March 1: Introduction to Absolute Value


  • Finish Happy New Year Activity (Solution) and try to find each type of function somewhere in the picture (linear, quadratic, polynomial, absolute value, exponential, radical, rational)
  • Finish Absolute Value Activity (you do not NEED a calculator)
  • Write equations to make this SHAPE


Monday, February 26/Tuesday, February 27: Summative


Tuesday, February 20/Wednesday, February 21: Summative Review

Activity and Key


Wednesday, February 14/Thursday, February 15: Wrapping up unit 2

Homework solutions


Monday, February 12/Tuesday, February 13: Regression

Learning Target: I can use a TI-84 calculator to make a scatterplot, find a best fit line and use that line to make predictions



Wednesday, February 7/Thursday, February 8: Summative


Monday, February 5/Tuesday, February 6: Summative Review


Wednesday, January 31/Tuesday, February 1: Pascal's Triangle

Learning Target: I can use Pascal's Triangle to expand f(x)=(a+b)n

Pascal's Triangle poster competition


Monday, January 29/Tuesday, January 30: Pascal's Triangle

Learning Target: I can use Pascal's Triangle to expand f(x)=(x+1)n

Activity/Homework, Powerpoint