Welcome to Algebra 3. You can find in-class handouts in the documents section or by clicking the links below.

Teacher: Lauren Stout

Location: Period 2 UWT BB107, Periods 4/8 1950 Orange Room, Periods 5/6 UWT WCG110


Review for Last Summative and Solutions

Daily Log

Day 25: Wednesday, December 6/Thursday,December 7: Polynomial Review

Learning Target: Prepare for Monday/Tuesday's Summative


Day 24: Monday, December 4/Tuesday, December 5: Polynomials Continued

Learning Target: Factor and sketch from standard form


Day 23: Wednesday, November 29/Thursday, November 30: Polynomials Continued

Learning Target: Sketch a graph from an in equation in factored form


Day 22: Monday, November 27/Tuesday, November 28: Intro to Polynomials

Learning Target: Write an equation in factored form from graph


Day 21: Wednesday, November 15/Thursday, November 16: Summative (Factored equation from 3 points) and Review Day (See below)


Day 20: Tuesday, November 14: Review Day (See below)

Review Project

Review Worksheets: Standard 1, Standard 2, Standard 3, Standard 4, Standard 5, Standard 6, Standard 7

See practice quizzes and project for examples: Practice Quiz 1 Part 1 and Part 2, Practice Quiz 1 Solutions, Practice Quiz 2, Practice Quiz 2 Solutions, Example Project 

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 12.09.38 PM.png


Day 19: Wednesday, November 8/Thursday, November 9: Quadratic Equation in Factored Form from Graph

Review Project


Day 18: Monday, November 6/Tuesday, November 7: Quadratic in Standard Form Summative


Day 17: Wednesday, November 1/Thursday, November 2: Review and Practice Summative

Homework: Check solutions to practice summative and finish note page


Day 16: Monday, October 30/Tuesday, October 31: Finding x-intercepts (factoring, completing the square, quadratic formula)

Homework: Make note page for summative


Days 14/15: Monday, October 23-Thursday, October 26

Sub day: Parabola Activity and Coordinate Picture

Class day: Wrap-up key features and sketching from standard form; Start completing the square

Homework: Find x-intercepts for y=x2+14x+15 and y=x2+15x+14


Day 13: Wednesday, October 18/Thursday, October 19: Sketching from vertex form

Homework: find the y-int, vertex, x-int and sketch y=4x2-16x+7 and y=4x2+8x-3


Day 12: Monday, October 16/Tuesday, October 17: Factoring when a is not 1

Solutions to Day 10 Homework

Homework: Factor y=2x2+5x+2 and y=3x2-11x+6


Day 11: Wednesday, October 11/Thursday, October 12: PSAT/SAT and Review Day

Summative Retake Worksheets 1, 2, 3 (must be completed before scheduling a retake)

Vertex to standard practice worksheet and key

Vertex from from standard practice worksheet and key

Factoring practice worksheet and key

Just for fun: Coordinate picture worksheet and key


Day 10: Monday, October 9/Tuesday, October 10: Properties of standard form (finding vertex and x- and y-intercepts)

Solutions to Day 9 Activity

Homework: Find y-intercept, vertex, x-intercepts and sketch

y=x2-2x-3       y=-x2-6x-5 .      y=3x2+12x+12


Day 9 Wednesday, October 4/Thursday, October 5: Converting to standard and properties of standard introduction Activity graphs Activity vertex equations Activity standard equations

Homework: Finish matching graphs to equations; Answer: How can I sketch a graph from standard form?


Day 8 Monday, October 2/Tuesday, October 3: Extra project time and converting from standard to vertex form Example Project Key and Homework


Day 7 Wednesday, September 27/Thursday, September 28: Summative and Project Time


Day 6 Monday, September 25/Tuesday, September 26: Summative Review Part 1 and Part 2 KEY


Day 5 Wednesday, September 20/Thursday, September 21: Review and solving equations in vertex form

Writing equations application


Day 4 Monday, September 18/Tuesday, September 19: Review and writing equations/graphing when a is not a whole number

Review of vertex form graphing and writing equations from graphs


Day 3 Wednesday, September 13/Thursday, September 14: 

Writing Equations from Graph Activity


Day 2 Monday, September 11/Tuesday, September 12: Vertex Form

Calculator Activity


Day 1 Wednesday, September 6/Thursday, September 7: Introduction to Parabolas

Basketball Activity

Sketching Parabolas Homework