Welcome to Algebra 3!

Textbook: www.pearsonsuccessnet.com

                Username: sota_alg_3_4
                Password: do_math_4ever

Times and locations: 5th and 6th periods at UWT              4th and 8th periods in the Orange Room

Contact: lstout@tacoma.k12.wa.us

My name is Lauren Stout and this is my second year teaching at SOTA. I am so excited to be teaching Algebra 3 again!

It is your responsibility to check the daily log below regularly. You are responsible for completing all material listed for each day before the next class.




Late work: No Unit 1 late work will be accepted after Thanksgiving break. This includes correction to the project. 

Test retake: Retakes may be scheduled no later than Thursday, December 1. Before doing a retake, student must complete corrections and reflection.

Daily Log

Day 27: Wednesday, December 14/Thursday, December 15

Day 26: Monday, December 12/Tuesday, December 13
Review for Summative

Day 25: Wednesday, December 7/Thursday, December 8
Learning Target: Solving with quadratic formula

Day 24: Monday, December 5/Tuesday, December 6
Learning Target: Solving quadratic equations by completing the square

Day 23: Wednesday, November 30/Thursday, December 1
Learning Target: Factoring when a is not 1; Writing equation in factored form from x-intercepts and a point

Day 22: Monday, November 28/Thursday, November 29
Learning Target: Finding x-intercepts from vertex form (principle of square roots) and standard form (factoring)

Day 21: Wednesday, November 16/Thursday, November 17
Learning Target: Given a graph or a vertex and a point, I can write a quadratic equation in vertex form; I can convert form vertex form to standard form

Day 20: Monday, November 14/Tuesday, November 15
Learning Target: Given an equation in vertex form, I can describe the graph; Given a parabola, I can write an equation in vertex form

  • Go over Unit 2 Packet calculator activity to find the roles of a, h and k in vertex form
  • Practice writing an equation in vertex form from a graph (finding a algebraically and graphically)
  • Homework: Angry Birds Picture (No math yet) due next class; packet due next class (finished)

Day 19: Wednesday, November 9 (Period 4 Only)

  • MVP Task 
  • Angry Birds work time

Day 18: Monday, November 7/Tuesday, November 8
Properties of Parabolas/Vertex Form

  • Graphing calculator activity: pages 7-10 of packet

Day 17: Wednesday, November 2/Thursday, November 3
Introduction to Parabolas

  • Practice using graphing calculator to find intercepts and max/min
  • Introduction to parabolas (basketball video)
  • Homework: packet page 6 (label cover as page 1)



Day 16: Monday, October 31/Tuesday, November 1

  • In-class Unit 1 Summative

Day 15: Wednesday, October 26/Thursday, October 27

Day 14: Tuesday, October 25
Work Day

Day 13: Thursday, October 19
Learning Target: I can identify when a system of equations has no solutions or infinite solutions

  • Warm-up: page 18 of packet
  • In groups: page 24 of packet

Day 12: Monday, October 17/Tuesday, October 18
Learning Target: I can solve a system of equations in two variables using elimination

  • Turn in substitution riddle worksheet
  • Solving with elimination demo (more instructions on page 20 of packet... correction: 2 should be -14 in example 1)
  • Project work time
  • Homework: elimination "did you hear about" worksheet; elimination for project (and work on finishing project)

Day 11: Wednesday, October 12/Thursday, October 13
Learning Target: I can solve a system of equations in two variables using substitution

Day 10: Monday, October 10/Tuesday, October 11
Learning Target: I can solve a system of equations in two variables using substitution

  • Warm-up: get back formative quiz, work on any warm-up attached to quiz and then correct quiz, work on page 15 of packet following example
  • Together: correct a few problems from page 15, do #1 on page 16, go over example on page 17 and do number 1 on page 17
  • Homework: numbers 2 and 9 on page 17; project: by next class you need to have the rough draft of your story problem and equations solved by graphing (see example

Day 9: Wednesday, October 5/Thursday, October 6
Learning Targets: I can solve a system of equations in two variables by graphing; I can set an appropriate window and use a graphing calculator to graph lines, find intersections, and find intercepts

  • Warm-up: page 11 #1-4
  • Together: page 11 story problems
  • Formative Quiz (Graphing systems of equations)
  • Solving application problems with calculator worksheet
  • Homework: finish worksheet and continue working on project (you know how to do pages 1-3 of the booklet and could also work on decorating the cover)

Day 8: Monday, October 3/Tuesday, October 4
Learning Targets: I can solve a system of equations in two variables by graphing; I can set an appropriate window and use a graphing calculator to graph lines, find intersections, and find intercepts

  • Warm-up: page 10
  • Packet: pages 12-14
  • Homework: Write story problem for the project; do at least 2 problems from page 10 without a graphing calculator (not #1,5,9) on graph paper (draw axes, draw/label lines, find solution, check); do #1 and #4 on page 14 (solve using a graphing calculator and include a sketch)

Day 7: Wednesday, September 28/Thursday, September 29

  • 9th/10th graders: iReady Testing
  • 11th/12th graders: Unit 1 Practice and Project Time

Day 6: Monday, September 26/Tuesday, September 27
Learning Target: I can write a system of equations in two variables given a situation; I can convert a linear equation from standard form to slope-intercept form

  • Warm-up: 
    Beth spent $480 on pairs of pants. Dress pants cost $100 and jeans cost $60. If she bought a total of 6 then how many of each kind did she buy?
    1.Write a system of equations in standard form to describe this situation.
    2.Rewrite your equations in slope-intercept form.
  • Packet: pages 8 and 9 in groups
  • Introduce project: Instructions/Rubric, Sample Project, Equation Assignment Period 4, 5, 6, 8 (each of you have a unique system)
  • Homework: Finish pages 8 and 9; Do #1 under "Your task" for the project

Day 5: Wednesday, September 21/Tuesday, September 22 
Learning Target: I can write a system of equations/inequalities given a situation

  • Warm-up: page 7 #3 
  • Went over page 6 as a group; discussed different combinations of cats and dogs; finally, wrote a system of inequalities
  • Homework: page 7 #1-2 Meeting: writing 5 combinations for each problem; Exceeding: Meeting plus writing equations/inequalities

Day 4: Monday, September 19/Tuesday, September 20
Algebra 1/2 Review
Learning Targets: I can graph a linear equation in slope-intercept form and standard form; I can convert from standard form to slope-intercept form

Day 3: Wednesday, September 14/Thursday, September 15
Algebra 1/2 Review
Learning Target: I can write and graph linear equations in slope-intercept form

  • Warm-up: finish page 2 of packet
  • Went over page 2 as a class (including what it means to have no solution or infinite solutions)
  • Homework:
    • pages 3 and 4 of packet
    • On separate paper graph: y=2x-1, y=-3x+4, y=-2/5x, y=3/4x-2

Day 2: Monday, September 12/Tuesday, September 13
Algebra 1/2 Review
Learning Target: I can solve a linear equation in one variable

  • Warm-up: coordinate picture 1 and picture 2
  • Labeled pages of packet #1-25 starting on back of cover
  • Went over page 1 and practiced with #1-5 on page 2
  • Homework: finish #1-5 on page 2 and coordinate pictures

Day 1: Wednesday, September 7/Thursday, September 8

  • "Name Tents": Write your name on a notecard and decorate it so Lauren and your classmates can get to know you.
  • Reading: "You Can Grow Your Intelligence"
    Following each section, draw a picture on this handout and explain how it represents the main idea of that section. 
  • Chess Challenge: To pay the mathematician who created chess, a king offers him the two rewards. For each reward, decide if the king has enough to pay the mathematician. Justify your answer. Note: you do not need to use complicated math formulas. 
  • Who I Am: Take some time to do some self-reflection and share a bit about yourself with Lauren and your classmates. We will do a quick show and tell next class.
  • Syllabus: read through with your parents and return signed copy next class.
  • Homework: Finish up the brain handout, Who I Am activity, and get syllabus signed.