Welcome to Statistics!

Textbook: https://archive.org/details/LarsonFarberElementaryStatistics5th

Time and location: 1st and 2nd periods at UWT 

Contact: lstout@tacoma.k12.wa.us

My name is Lauren Stout and this is my second year teaching at SOTA. I am so excited to be teaching statistics. The concepts we cover in this class will change how you look at the information you are presented everyday in the news, on tv, or just in line at the grocery store. 

It is your responsibility to check the daily log below regularly. You are responsible for completing all material listed for each day before the next class.

Daily Log

Important Tables

May 10/15 Movie: Hidden Figures


May 8 In-Class Activity: Survivorship Bias


May 3 Confidence Interval Summative


May 1 Work Day


April 26 Review for Summative

Practice Questions


April 24 Confidence Intervals for Proportions

M&Ms lab and project introduction


April 19 Sampling Distributions for Proportions

Dice Activity


April 17 Confidence Intervals for Means

Finished Let's Get Healthy Lab


April 12 Confidence Intervals for Means


Let's Get Healthy Data


April 10 Confidence Intervals



March 22 Sampling Distributions for Means

Notes on sampling distribution; verified CENTRAL LIMIT THEOREM with pennies


March 20 Sampling Distributions

Finished data collection and presented findings for: Who Sends the most texts??


March 15 Intro to Sampling Distributions

Sampling Distribution Lab: Who sends the most texts??


March 13 Unit 1 Review

  • Terminology: Variables (Quantitative vs Qualitative); Population; Sample; Parameter; Statistic
  • Data Collection
  • Visuals: boxplot; stemplot; histogram