Welcome to Geometry 2 SPRING semester!



Here is our semester May & June calendar (updated regularly & subject to change)


We meet in the UWT1 room (BB107) on Monday and Wednesday.
My email is mbillin@tacoma.k12.wa.us and I am a part-time instructor this year
(on campus Monday & Wednesday & Friday).

What can you do to get more support?

  • There's after school tutoring in the Math Lab at 1950 (Mon - Thurs 3:30-4:30)
  • Check out videos and practice questions on Khan Academy here: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/geometry-home 
  • Come to class early (or stay late) to ask questions or to make sure your Geometry Journal is updated and
    that you have all the materials you need


Daily Log



Day 20  (5/03) Area of Regular Polygons Part 2

Standard: Find area of regular polygons


Day 20  (5/01) Area of Regular Polygons Part 1

Standard: Find area of regular polygons
Homework: 3 triangle area problems (see last slide)

- Entry Task: Review triangle area formulas
- Practice solving for area of triangle using trigonometry and Pythagorean Theorem


Day 19  (4/26)  Summative Assessment on Circles Properties standard (1 of 2 Circle Unit Standards)

Day 18  (4/24) Review

Standard: Review Circles Properties
Homework: Prepare for summative on Wednesday

Day 17  (4/19) Tangent Lines to Circles

Standard: Properties of tangents to circles
Homework: Finish problems on 2nd page of handout
- Take notes on tangent lines to circles
- Work on the 2nd page of the tangent lines handout
- Work on Formative Check

Day 16  (4/17) Inscribed Angles

Relate Inscribed Angles to Arc Measures
Homework: Inscribed Angles Worksheet
- Entry Task
- 7.3 (pg. 14) of Packet
- 7.3 (pg. 20) of Packet
- Start Inscribed Angles Worksheet

Helpful videos

Day 15  (4/12) Central Angles and Arcs


Day 14  (4/10)  Centering ourselves around Circles   

Finding the center of rotation and new terminology
Homework: 7.1 #1-14 (pg. 6-7)
- 7.1 lesson in Packet
- Circles Definitions: See Notes1 and Notes2

Helpful videos
How to find the center of rotation of 2 figures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrpkFL3yc3Y
How to use patty paper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWbHoACpQ0g



UNIT 1 - Similarity & Right Triangles

Day 13  (3/22)   Summative Assessment on 2 trig standards

Day 12  (3/20)  REVIEW:
Remember that the Formative Assessment you get in class this day is similar to what will be on the Summative.

Day 11  (3/15)   Use Trig to Solve Applied Problems continued
Solve applied problems using trig ratios
Homework: Pg. 51-52 #5-8 & #15-17
-  Entry Task: More practice solving for missing sides of triangles using trigonometry
-  Worked through applied problems on Pg. 57 #4-6


Day 10  (3/13)   Use Trig to Solve Applied Problems 
Solve applied problems using trig ratios
Homework:  Pg. 57 #4-5
-  Entry Task:  Critique response on exit task from last class
-  Introduced new vocabulary: Angle of elevation, angle of depression
-  Practice solving applied problems using trig


Day 9  (3/08)   Use Trig to Solve Problems continued
Solve Problems using trig Ratios
Homework: Work on Trig Project (summative) & Finish Entry Task worksheet (if you were absent 
at all this week or last week)
-  Entry Task: Solve first 2 problems on worksheet
-  Triangle Sort activity  
-  Talk about Trig Project and what to expect in terms of assessment
-  Exit Task as formative check


Day 8  (3/06)   Use Trig to Solve Problems
Solve Problems using trig Ratios
Homework: Problem Set on last Page of handout (3 problems)
-  Entry Task:  Record definition of 3 trigonometric ratios in journal
-  Go over HW by checking answers using Key & asking questions
-  Use calculator to find the sine and cosine of varying degrees (see table on 2nd page of handout)
-  Worked through the problems on the handout


Day 7  (3/01)   Define Trigonometric Ratios
Define sine, cosine, and tangent Ratios
Homework: 6.8 #1-10 (pg. 46-47)
-  Entry Task: Use the Pythagorean Theorem
-  Explore 30-60-90 right triangles (see pg. 44 of Packet)
-  Definition of trigonometric ratios
-  Work through some of the problems on pg. 46-47 to reinforce
   the ratios we just learned and to practice using the Pythagorean Thm

For trigonometric ratios
For using the Pythagorean Theorem


Day 6  (2/27)   Review & Summative
Understand and use the relationships found in similar triangles
No Homework


Day 5  (2/22)   Review & Formative
Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find missing parts of a right triangle
Homework: Prepare for Summative Assessment
-  Entry Task: Solve problem using Side-splitter theorem
-  Discussed HW assigned last class
-  Review of Pythagorean Theorem
-  Formative Check  and checked answers using Key
-  Work through Prove Triangles Similar Worksheet (if not already done) and check using Key
-  Look for helpful videos on youtube or khan academy.  For example see here.


Day 4  (2/15)   Side-Splitter Theorem
Use relationships found in triangles with a parallel line to one side
Homework in Similarity Packet:  6.4  #7-18 
-  Entry Task: Record 3 theorems for triangle similarity
-  Discussed HW assigned last class
-  Explored triangle within triangles -> see page 22 & 23
-  Derived the Side-Splitter Theorem


Day 3  (2/13)   Show Triangles Similar
Use properties of dilations to compare similar figures
Homework:  Finish "Prove Triangles Similar" worksheet
-  Entry Task: Formative Assessment on Standard #1 (partial)
-  Reviewed Definition of Similarity
-  Explored when the information given is enough to determine triangle similarity
      -> see page 18 & 19 Part2 (AAA Similarity)
      -> see Prove Triangles Similar worksheet

Day 2  (2/08)   Similarity & Proportions
Use properties of dilations to compare similar figures
Homework in Similarity Packet:  6.3  #10-13 &  #18-21 
-  Entry Task: Record Definition of Dilation
-  Check and clarify HW from last class
-  Extend properties to Definition of Similarity
-  Practice writing and solving proportions -> Page 20 (#1-8)


School cancelled due to weather

(2/01)  iReady Testing

Period 1 - Meet in the Photo Room (Janet's room downstairs) at 1950 
Period 2 - Meet in the Post Office Room 224 

Day 1  (1/30)   Dilations
Discover and use properties of dilations

Homework in Similarity Packet:  6.2  #1-18  (Page 12-15)
-  Entry Task: "SUIT UP" -> Get all necessary materials
-  Introduce: Dilations, center point, scale factor 
-  Develop further in Packet 6.2 page 9 - 11
-  Start HW