Intro to Songwriting 

Derrick Robinson 

Intro to Songwriting is intended to provide students with beginning instruction in popular song form and accompaniment guitar technique. As part of the Songwriting program, this course is for students interested in either the Singer Songwriter or Songwriting Audio Recording pathways. This course will cover the basics of accompaniment guitar (open major and minor chords, basic chords up the neck), basic melodic technique (entry-level scales, melodic composition), and popular song form. This course does not cover advanced music theory or notation.

While SOTA has a number of guitars for classroom use, it is suggested that students bring their own if possible. This will help ensure that all students have access to a guitar during class.



Derrick Robinson’s Teaching Schedule 
1. Intro to Songwriting 2
2. Classical Guitar
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4. Audio Recording 2 
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6. Audio Recording 2
7. Intro to Songwriting 2
8. Songwriting 4