Classical Guitar at SOTA

Derrick Robinson 

The Classical Guitar Studio at SOTA is a college preparatory course for advanced guitarists. This course requires instructor approval by audition only. Students will work on the fundamentals of classical guitar including sitting and hand position, tone production, musicality, and advanced reading up the neck through study of a wide variety of classical guitar repertoire. Students will perform solo and in small ensembles. Students should own a classical nylon string guitar, although one will be provided for classroom use if necessary.

Modeled after a collegiate level guitar program, students will participate in bi-weekly private lessons with the instructor. These will occur during the class period in 10-15 minute intervals. If a lesson is missed for any reason, it is the responsibility of the student to coordinate a make up session. It is crucial that all students practice daily. This should include both ensemble and individually directed works.


Required Materials:

Classical Guitar (with case)

Collapsable foot stool

Tuner (pitch fork, electric tuner, iPhone app, etc.)




Derrick Robinson’s Teaching Schedule 
1. Intro to Songwriting
2. Classical Guitar
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4. <plan> 
5. Audio Recording
6. Audio Recording
7. Intro to Songwriting
8. Songwriting 3