SOTA students are asked to apply the cumulative knowledge they have learned at school academically, artistically and through internships, toward a final Capstone Project.  The project is to be presented to the public near the end of Senior year. This site is dedicated to explaining and guiding students through the process of executing their Capstone Project. On this site students will find timelines, resources, and assignments to help inspire and provide structure for their ideas.  

FAQ's about CAPSTONE Project:  

WHAT: an original project that combines the learning and experience of each student's time at SOTA, culminating with a public presentation in early May.  The projects are an extension of each students major, or internship, and is driven by a commitment to the community at large.

WHO:  students create projects engaging with members of the community outside of the with the partners, families and local community members

WHERE:  projects are executed outside of SOTA, either within their internships or within their majors.

WHEN:  May 4th, 2018 is scheduled for Capstone presentations, and will include visual, written and verbal evidence as catalogued in the Capstone Portfolio

WHY:   Evidence that a SOTA Graduate has made an indelible mark on this community and that they are prepared to leave having been empowered to become an active, contributing member to the world beyond SOTA 

HOW:    students will proceed with an "all in" plan of support through CLASS BREAKOUTS and accountability facilitated by Mentors, Advisors and MPGs


CAPSTONE PROJECT Specific Requirements:

Project must be an extension of your ART MAJOR or INTERNSHIP at SOTA

Project must be original and unique, emphasis on creativity

Project must be motivated by a commitment to the community

Project must reflect the four school-wide goals: thinking, balance, community, and empathy

Project must be a personal stretch: students will work toward a project that challenges themselves and their audience

Project must culminate with a graded portfolio and public presentation

 Each individual is required to complete their contributions to the project, using the CAPSTONE PROJECT OUTLINE found under the Documents tab on this site. Specific due dates for each part of the project will be determined and announced during Friday break-out sessions. 


  • Each Senior must prepare for and execute a public presentation on Capstone presentation day in May, including appropriate visuals and/or evidence of the project.
  • On the day of public presentations, each senior must turn in their completed CAPSTONE PORTFOLIO, which is described in "CP Final Deliverables", found in the documents section of this SWIFT site.  This is separate from your MPG portfolio.
  • The portfolio will include typed PARTS 1-5, as described in the CAPSTONE PROJECT OUTLINE under the Documents tab on this site.
  • The portfolio must include an Annotated Bibliography with References and Resources