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Posted by Jessie Fouts on February 12, 2018 at 7:05am

Casseday, Ella Kathryn 10 Michele
Clark, Shamya Nichelle 10 Fouts
Curry, Katharyn Louise 11 Adam B
Godfrey, Thomas Wolter IV 10 Doris
Loates, Madeline Irene 10 Ott
Mata, Mele Ana Lily 10 Kloepper
Morton, Jenifer Michelle 12 Gordon
Pellegrini, Ayden James 10 Scannell
Schlegel, Monet Bridget 10 Lewin
Solorzano-Velazquez, Sulma 10 Diane
Stults, Aaron William 10 Garvin
Torres, Daniel Antonio 12 SS
Yocom, Samuel David 10 Peter
Arnold, Julianna Mason 10 Garvin/adam
Atanassov, Nancy J 12 Creative writing
Beardsley, KeNia Diana 12 Lucie
Brown, Pearle Joy 11 STRONG START
Durham, Lillyanne Marie 10 Peter
Elmore, Maxwell 10 Scannell
Gagner, Makayla Evonne 12 Robin
Green, Taliyah Rose 10 Josh
Hindman, Isabella Chistena 11 Alwert
Humes-Louderback, Taryn Leigh 12 alwert
Kamibayashi, Leila Liann 10  
Kerley, Joshua Lee 11  
Lash-Diaz, Leighton Manuel 11 Peter
Luong, Nhu Ngoc 10 Regimbal
Martinez-Smith, Je'puse'e Kamaria 10 Bliss
McGrue, Jayden Danielle 11 Lucie
Meredith, Chloe Leigh 12 Janet
Osterloh, Gracie Raye 10 Ott
Quaschnik, Emmelina Mare' 12 Debbie
Roberts, Tali'a Lea 12  
Sandefur, Abigail Hope 12 Scannell
Santana, Crystal 11 Lauren Stout
Schneider, Annie Lynn 10 Robin
Singh, Malikah Isha 12 Rachel
Soifer, Rebecca Miriam 12 Robin
Thornton, Aalyce Martyia 12 Gordon
Young, Ericka Greeanalee   Gordon
Asplund, Christian Lauren 10 Michele/Jordan
Barsalona, Charlie Paige 10 Gordon
Dao, Paige Ngoc 10 STRONG START
Etienne, Matthew Elijah 10 Peter
Forrest, Georgia Mae 11 Jordan V
King, Aaron Johanas 12 Amy
Lawver, Abigail Anne Marie 11 Zach
Munizza, Rose Ione 10 Janet 
Santana-Patino, Valeria 11 Lucie/Amy
Schlecht, Kasey Alexander 11 Josh Ott
Wade, Jaden DeAndre' 10 Zach
Walker, Adaiah Lynn 10 Lewin
Wynkoop, Stephen Robert   Lucie/Amy
Ducharme, Devon Edward 11 Jordan
Hassing, Katelyn Elizabeth 11 Garvin
Loyola, Amado Cebu III 10 Lucie/Amy
Olson, Gwendolyn Marcelene 9 Kristina
Rosas, Angel Jesus 11 Time
Sanchez, Garret Wayne 11 Lucie/Amy
Stewart, Kyanna Grace 10 Michele/jordan
Webb, De'Erica Dessica   Pardur
Capps, Kiersten DeAnne 11 Time
Diaz Hernandez, Nadine 10 Michele
James, Dustin Anthony 12 Bliss
Reichlein, Anika Chye 11 Adam
Shcherenkov, Julia Andre 10 Lewin
White-Roberts, Sarah Jane 11 STRONG START
Barrett, Connie S 10  
Barry, Margaret Marie 11 Peter
Blackburn, Davion Carlos 12 FOUTS
Bredl, Asia Kaylee 10 Doris
Clements, Sophie Lee 12 Scannell
Doolin, Kathryn S 12 Abbie
Groves, Sophia Isabella 11 FOUTS
Guerrero, Lindy Isabel 12 Dave
Harper, Trinity 12 Abbie
Hember, Elena Kate 12 Teri
Hintz, Valarie Rose 11 Doris
Hunter, Janie-Marie Carolyn 12 Amy
Jinkins, Wulf Alexander 11 Hagmann
Johnston, Ian James 11 Ralph
Langham, Nieva Marie 12 Lucie
Leiske, Haley Ann 12  
Lopez, Brian 11 See bliss
Mathews, Bailey James 12 Peter
Matthews, Phyllicia Jenne 12 Doris
McQuade, Quinn Jean Marie 12 Gordon
Nation, Joshua Ryan 10 Adam
Rhone, Brodrick Skyler 11 Debbie
Roach, Dante Amadeus 10 Paul
Sanders, Tondi Zaniyia 11 Mark
Seats, Jordan Elise 11 Debbie
Sigler, Destini Elaine 12 Gordon
Sistrunk, Dae-driana Monique Marie 10 Time
Williams, Winter Wesley 11 Harris
Barika, Mersaydes O'shae 10 Kristina
Belden-Reeves, Amaya Ashante 12 Foundtions
Bosnick, Shay Leigh 10 Michele
Brandon+A120:C120, Daphne Sloane 10 SEE BLISS
Byrd, Miles Xavier 11 Michele
Capps, Kiersten DeAnne 11 Pardur
Davis, Hannah Noel 12  
Guinto, Princess Sevalynn 10 Peter
Hough, Henry Benares 12 Ralph
Israel, Angelo Micah 10 regi/gordon
Johnson, Alexis Shawna 10 Amy
Kunkle, Mackenzie Elizabeth 12 Jordan V
Lamberth, Megan Loraine 12 Janet
Malone, Makayla Clarane' 11 Amy
Mcgee, Jennifer 11 Bliss
Ndungu, Dennis Kinyanjui 11 Shamp
No, Trinity 12 Bliss
Reichlein, Anika Chye 11 TIME
Robinson, Eve Elizabeth Boone 12 Lucie/Amy
Rosas, Angel Jesus 11 Peter
Schmidt, Sophia Nicole 11 Harris
Shelby, Eric Nehemiah 10 Zach
Summers, Ajanique Bonita-Marie 11 Michele/Jordan
Ulm, Kyle Ryan 12 Janet
Whitaker, Sharon Diana 11  
Williams, Malachi Emmanuel 10  
Arias, Cesar Osvaldo 12 Dana
Boughal, Annmarie Christine 10 Lucie
Bray, Jaz+A148:C148zmyn Marie 10 STRONG START
Burgamy, Sage Ethan 10 michele
Cripe, Jillian Pauline 12 Garvin
Green, Taliyah Rose 10 Michele
Johnson, Hailie (Finn) Marianne 10 Zach
Kamibayashi, Leila Liann 10 Adam
Reeber, Elise Morgan 10 Scannell 
Sok, Kyle Davuth 11 Michele

Elevator speeches
Posted by Jessie Fouts on February 05, 2018 at 8:13am

Link #1: https://titanwebmarketingsolutions.com/elevator-pitches-examples-suggestions-students/

Link #2: https://career.arizona.edu/creating-your-elevator-pitch

FINAL! Bridge Job Description
Posted by Jessie Fouts on November 28, 2017 at 2:53pm

For this project you will write or create a job description about your bridging experience. 

This job description will highlight your job as a bridge and what you accomplished this semester. Please provide your semester goal, along with evidence of how you reached that goal.

This job description CAN BE creative. You are free to provide your description in video format, photo format, comic format or poetic prose. You can make a flyer, a how to guide or bridge recipe. Make it interesting, relevant and make sure it spotlights your best work!

THIS IS DUE ON FRIDAY DECEMBER 8TH TO ME (Jessie). You can turn it into my office or email it to me.

If you have any further questions please see me in the TIME room or send me an email jfouts@tacoma.k12.wa.us

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!

Bridge Reviews
Posted by Jessie Fouts on October 11, 2017 at 8:52am

Hello Bridges,

Sorry there hasn't been an update in awhile. These last two weeks have been insane. 

Your task this week is to be gathering Evidence to bring to your Review, NEXT WEEK : October 18th and 19th, in the courtroom. 

Evidence can be anything you feel like I should see that shows me how you are working towards your goal that you set with your classroom teacher. If you have not yet set a goal, please bring evidence of how you are being helpful in class. What kinds of things are you working on? What are you most proud of so far?

Reviews will be a 10 minute check-in. This is your time to ask clarifying questions and ask for support if you need it!

Happy Gathering!


p.s. I have not set up a remind app. Maybe next semester.

Reflection #3 2017
Posted by Jessie Fouts on September 22, 2017 at 10:31am

Tell me about one success you had this week. Post your answer as a comment on this post.

**Make sure you have completed both Reflections!

**I am going to get the remind app next week and will post the number here on the SWIFT Site. 

**Make sure you have set clear goals with your teacher that you can start collecting evidence for.

Bridge Reflection #2 2017
Posted by Jessie Fouts on September 15, 2017 at 2:05pm

What goal did you set with your teacher?

*comment your answer below


Bridge Reflection September 8th 2017
Posted by Jessie Fouts on September 09, 2017 at 8:46am

Tell me about a time you were helped by a bridge! 

*Please comment your answer below.

FINAL Bridge Evals
Posted by Jessie Fouts on May 15, 2017 at 11:04am

Final Bridge Evals: May 31st and June 1st! Make sure you have your binder ready with all your evidence! We will meet in the courtroom!


Posted by Jessie Fouts on April 12, 2017 at 11:26am

I hope you are all collecting really good evidence to turn in at the end of the semester!

Collecting Evidence

As part of your Bridge grade, you are expected to be able to show how you have been helpful in your class. Evidence may include:

 1. A daily log-Keeping a log is an excellent way to recount what you did the day before. It’s a way to keep students who were absent informed on what they missed. It’s also a way for you to look back on what you have done in the class and play out pros and cons.

 2. Copies of Class work- If you are a 1:1 and are helping a student produce work, you can make a copy of that assignment and explain how you helped the student. What went well? What didn’t go well?


 3. Video/Recording- If you are a bridge in a music class, a choir class, a dance class or any other class that involves music, you can attach a piece of sheet music to your daily log. Or a recording of a song, a notation of a warm up (dance too). Video’s are also welcomed. How can you best show the work that you are helping to produce?


4. Attendance logs and seating charts


5. Notes that you have taken in the class- I encourage Bridges to take GOOD notes in the classes you are in. They will serve as a great resource if a student asks you a question you do not know the immediate response to.

 6. Class syllabus, rubric, handouts, resources, book list, assignments, etc.


**If you still have an E it is because I do not have your Bridge review! please come fill it out ASAP!

1st Bridge Evaluations Semester 2
Posted by Jessie Fouts on February 28, 2017 at 8:05am

Hey Everyone,

I sent out a text on the remind app:

 I forgot that we have SAT testing this week. Therefore, your first review will be NEXT week; Tuesday the 7th and Wednesday the 8th.


For this review you will only need to update me on what you have been doing and I will let you know what you will be doing from there!

To get on the REMIND APP:

Text 81010

Type: @ff39kd


Thank you!


Jessie Fouts