Audio Recording at Sota

Derrick Robinson 


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In the Audio Recording courses students study all elements of studio production from the physics of sound to post production mastering using professional digital workstations. Students will learn optimal microphone placement for various recording scenarios, cable management, studio routing, how to operate a wide array of studio equipment, and much more. As a part of the Songwriting program, an emphasis is placed on recording student work and student performers through a variety of team oriented hands on projects. Students have full access to the newly renovated Pro Tools Studio built inside a historic downtown building. This is a unique environment designed for aspiring musicians, and includes an editing and composition studio and mixing lab with 18 workstations.​​​​​ 

The Audio Recording Courses at SOTA are part of the Songwriting/Audio Recording pathway. Students are required to complete Songwriting 1 before enrolling. 

Derrick Robinson’s Teaching Schedule 
1. Intro to Songwriting 2
2. Classical Guitar
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4. Audio Recording 2 
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6. Audio Recording 2
7. Intro to Songwriting 2
8. Songwriting 4