Agenda and Homework

Thursday, December 7


  1. Review muscle diagram
  2. Build a muscle activity 

***Homework: Brainstorming, begin project 

Tuesday, December 5


  1. Entry - chicken wing labels
  2. Wing demo
  3. Muscle anatomy 
  4. Skeletal-muscular project

***Homework: complete muscle anatomy diagram, read over project and begin brainstorming 

Thursday, November 31


  1. Entry - study for skeleton test
  2. Skeleton summative
  3. Chicken wing dissection 

Tuesday, November 29


  1. Entry - New seats and pass back test
  2. Re-watch biology of skin color video and re-test
  3. Finish Articulations POGIL 

***Homework: Study for skeletal system summative on Thursday

Use bone diagram here to quiz yourself, answer key here

Also, use Anatomy Arcade Bones 

Thursday, November 16

Learning Target: Continue to practice bones of the skeletal system and identify types of articulations in the body. 


  1. Entry - grade your skeleton lab, check for correct answers here
  2. Practice Anatomy Arcade Whack-a-bone
  3. Articulations POGIL

***Homework: continue to study bones and articulations, plan for a summative quiz on Thursday, November 30

Tuesday, November 14

Learning Target: To identify the cranial and facial bones and the major bones of the axial and appendicular skeleton.


  1. Entry - with a partner, point to and name as many bones as you can
  2. Skeleton System Lab (Lab Handout, Diagram)
  3. PPT of bone classification 

***Homework: Complete your skeletal system diagram labels and coloring


Thursday, November 9

Unit 2 Summative Test 


Tuesday, November 7

Learning Target: Practice and improve current knowledge of the integument.

  1. Look over your unit 2 review
  2. Practice tissue identification with Quiz 1 (answers)
  3. Practice tissue identification with Histology Zoomer (answers)
  4. Anatomy of skin color questions
  5. Integumentary system anatomy

November 2

Learning Target: Identify the 8 types of epithelial tissue in a photomicrograph and on a microscope slide

 1. Entry - Skin Cancer Curation Project turn-in and reflection 

2. Notecard check

3. Create Dichotomous Key - video to help here

4. Practice using Dichotomous Key

Quiz #1

Homework: Complete Dichotomous Key - practice using it on Quiz 1




October 31


Learning Target: Identify the 8 types of epithelial tissue 


1. Entry - skin cancer questions


2. Epithelial Tissue Histology POGIL


3. Create notecards of 8 tissue types


Homework: finish making and labeling notecards


Complete Skin Cancer Curation Project - due Thursday, Nov. 2


October 24


1. Entry - cancer treatment notes and discussion

      PPT from today's class here

2. Skin Cancer Curation Project.  Use elink to create your collection.

      See Abbie's SAMPLE here 

At the end of class, upload your collection to the discussion page of this SWIFT site

Thursday, October 19


  1. Entry - Finish Biology of skin color video
  2. Intro to cancer
  3. Hallmarks of cancer cells video series  w/notes
  4. How Cancer Cells Behave Differently video

***Homework: Re-watch video, take notes on 3 treatment types and how they affect cancer cells vs. how they affect normal cells

Tuesday, October 17


  1. Entry - return test, reflect on grade
  2. Go over new grading policy (syllabus addendum)
  3. Discuss re-take opportunities for test ***
  4. Finish Integumentary POGIL
  5. Video - How we get our skin color
  6. Video - Biology of skin color

***Homework - finish video, sign up for re-take by Thursday if you wish to re-take test

Thursday, October 12


  1. Entry - what function does the integumentary system serve?
  2. Integumentary system POGIL

Tuesday, October 10



  1. Entry - remaining questions on Unit 1
  2. Unit 1 Summative Assessment
  3. Unit 2 Intro - Integumentary coloring page w/reading 

Thursday, October 5


1.Entry - Simon says

2. Plicker Quiz - planes of reference

 3. Banana dissection!

4. Unit 1 Review

***Homework - study for Unit 1 summative exam on Tuesday, October 10 




Tuesday, October 3


  1. Entry - diabetes discussion
  2. Diabetes videos 1 and 2
  3. Blood sugar regulation feedback loop
  4. Directional terms POGIL
  5. Planes of reference notes and practice with clay people

***Homework: Continue to study Unit 1 vocabulary. Review on Thursday, test on Oct. 10

Thursday, September 28


  1. Entry - Blood sugar regulation homeostasis
  2. Notes to follow-up homework 
  3. Homeostasis theater
  4. Video 
  5. Unit 1 practice quiz 

Tuesday, September 26


  1. Entry 
  2. Homeostasis concept development and notes
  3. Homeostasis group activity
  4. Modeling activity 

***Homework: study for quiz on body systems, homeostasis and levels of organization AND research blood sugar regulation 

Check body systems information table for accuracy here 

Thursday, September 21


  1. Entry - homeostasis intro and comparisons
  2. Finish body systems partner project
  3. Collect notes from posters

***Homework: fill-in any notes that were missing from your poster to share with the class

Tuesday, September 19


  1. Entry - practice Levels of organization
  2. Partner project - Intro body systems

***Homework: finish body system poster before the start of class on Thursday

Thursday, September 14


  1. Entry and learning targets
  2. Notebook set-up
  3. Norms review
  4. Finish POGIL
  5. Start human body systems project

***Homework: Memorize the levels of organization by next class period

Tuesday, September 12


  1. Entry and game
  2. Stations activity for norm setting
  3. Unit 1 Study Guide
  4. Levels of Organization POGIL

Thursday, September 7


  1. Welcome and intros
  2. Syllabus
  3. Holey Cow podcast
  4. Closing discussion