Precalculus 2 - Spring Semester

Day 1 1/31

Intro to Exponential Functions

Homework: Page 226 #7-14

Day 2 2/2

Exponential Functions in Context

Homework: Finish Bacteria Challenge Problem (see documents)

Day 3 2/7

Exponential Functions in Context, Advanced


The number e and other practice problems (see documents for key)

Homework: None 

Day 4 2/9

Logarithmic and Exponential Form

Homework: Finish worksheet page from packet

Day 5 2/14

Graphs of Logarithms


Graphs page in packet. Write down 3 characteristics (intercepts, asymptotes, base) of each graph. Do your best to also write an equation for each graph using what you know about transformations.

Day 6 2/16

Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

Homework: Practice Problems

Day 7 2/23

Review for Unit Test

Homework: Finish review problems (see swift site), create one page of notes for test

Day 8 2/28 

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Unit Test