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I Believe...........          

The three instructional techniques associated with brain-based learning are:

  1. Orchestrated immersion–Creating learning environments that fully immerse students in an educational experience
  2. Relaxed alertness–Trying to eliminate fear in learners, while maintaining a highly challenging environment
  3. Active processing–Allowing the learner to consolidate and internalize information by actively processing it

How Brain-Based Learning Impacts Education

Curriculum–Teachers must design learning around student interests and make learning contextual.

Instruction–Educators let students learn in teams and use peripheral learning. Teachers structure learning around real problems, encouraging students to also learn in settings outside the classroom and the school building.

Assessment–Since all students are learning, their assessment should allow them to understand their own learning styles and preferences. This way, students monitor and enhance their own learning process.

What Brain-Based Learning Suggests

How the brain works has a significant impact on what kinds of learning activities are most effective. Educators need to help students have appropriate experiences and capitalize on those experiences.

  • Teachers must immerse learners in complex, interactive experiences that are both rich and real.
  • Students must have a personally meaningful challenge. Such challenges stimulate a student’s mind to the desired state of alertness.
  • In order for a student to gain insight about a problem, there must be intensive analysis of the different ways to approach it, and about learning in general. This is what’s known as the “active processing of experience.”

A few other tenets of brain-based learning include:

Feedback is best when it comes from reality, rather than from an authority figure.

People learn best when solving realistic problems.

Because every brain is different, educators should allow learners to customize their own environments.

The best problem solvers are those that laugh!

Designers of educational tools must be artistic in their creation of brain-friendly environments. Instructors need to realize that the best way to learn is not through lecture, but by participation in realistic environments that let learners try new things safely.


This 2016-2017 School year my classroom is a technology based learning environment, as well as having a Game Base Learning influence.   

Welcome back to another great year at Skyline Elementary.   This year, Skyline has been designated as a “tech-school”.  Our class has been lucky enough to be chosen as one of the pilot classrooms to help integrate technology into students’ learning.  More information will follow throughout the year.  One of the main things you will notice this year will be a focus on Project-Based Learning.  These will be based off of our Social Studies teachings and will help students work together to come up with creative solutions to problems and present to the class.  My hope is to support your child’s learning and build a strong foundation for his/her long academic career.


Materials:  I would like to thank everyone who has sent in their student’s supplies.  I do ask that if you haven’t yet sent anything in, please do so soon.  All students need to have a pair of headphones, as we will be having computer testing.  If you’re in need of financial help or need assistance in getting your student’s materials please let me know. 


Homework:  Your student will have homework every evening that needs to be finished and brought back the next day.  I know how hectic nights can get, so I give the last 15 minutes of class for your student to begin their work.  Please make sure that a parent/guardian is looking it over and initialing it before returning it to class.  It is important that students have this support from home, and it can greatly help them succeed. 


Attendance:  It is extremely important that your student is at school as much as possible.  We cover new concepts and ideas every day, and when students miss they are lost when they return to the classroom.  If your student is going to be absent for the day, please contact the main office at 253-571-7800.


Again I look forward to helping your student learn and if you have any questions or comments please call me anytime.


Celebrations:  We will be celebrating birthdays for each of our students this year.  If you would like your child opted out of this, for personal or religious reasons, please contact me and let me know.  Due to District policy, all treats must be store bought and come in the original package.  We should have around 22 students in our class this year.


PTA:  Please consider signing up to help support all of the events they have planned for our school.

Important dates to know:Conferences: December 7-9



  • Email:     atindal@tacoma.k12.wa.us
  • Website:  Go to skylineskyhawks.org and click on Classroom Websites.  You’ll see my name on the list.
  • Phone:     253-571-7806 (classroom) or 253-571-7800 (office)
  • Written:     You can write notes anytime and send them in with your student
  • In person:     Schedule a time before or after school


  • One folder goes back and forth from home to school EVERY DAY!
  • Please check for homework and sign, notes and corrected class work
  • Remove corrected classwork each night


  • A page of work will come home Monday through Thursday and is due the next day.
  • The homework must be signed by an adult every night.

Behavior Plan

  • Class Dojo

AR (Accelerated Reader)

  • Students can take quizzes on books they’ve read at home.  They can bring in the book or just write down the title and bring that to school.


Our Schedule

Everyday our specialist is at 9:45 to 10:15

Monday is Music,

Tuesday is Library

 Wednesday is P.E.

Thursday is Music

Friday we have P.E.


Everyday our recess is 11:30 to 11:50 and lunch is 11:55 to 12:15


Thank you.  I am looking forward to an awesome year!

Andrea Tindal