Hello 5th Grade Families!!!    

     WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF 5TH GRADE! I am Ms. DeFiglia and this is my second year teaching at Sheridan Elementary! I am very excited to be here and I am looking forward to the new school year, and hope that you are too! Your students and I have already started to create a classroom community that fosters Respect, Responsibility and Safety. These are Sheridan school expectations and set the foundation for our students to grow into helpful, positive, and outstanding leaders in our community.

     It is my goal for my students to be successful through setting high standards.  In making the students accountable for their learning and being an active participant in their success I have created a class motto, “Own It”! As 5th graders, the students have elevated expectations. I know they will rise to the role of being the upperclassmen in our school and set excellent examples for the lower grade students. 5th grade concludes your child’s journey through elementary school, and although we all may face challenges throughout the year, I am confident that they are going to have huge growth and be prepared for the next educational chapter in their lives, middle school! This will really be an awesome and fantastic year for you, your child, and myself.

     These past few weeks the students have truly shown me that they are all capable of greatness and show an enthusiasm for learning. Our class has received top behavior scores in Specials, complements from teachers passing us in the halls, and last week the Principal and Vice Principal gave the whole class a tiger ticket for how outstanding they were following directions and being on task. This is really an amazing group of students! I cannot wait to see the leaps and bounds your students will make this year; socially, emotionally, developmentally and academically.

     I am look forward to meeting you all over the course of the school year. Please do not hesitate to call or visit our classrooms. I hope that this year will be a great experience for us all, we are a team, and as I tell the students, TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!  If there are any questions, comments or concerns I can be reached at adefigl@tacoma.k12.wa.us.  Thank you for your time and cooperation, this is going to be an incredible year of learning!


Ms. DeFiglia