September 27th, 2016: Hey parents and families! I am updating my classroom website! We had to stop using Class Dojo because it was not a secure enough website, so I will be posting updates on here! Check back to see your students' work and updates about what we are working on!

September 28th, 2016: Today was our Wacky Wednesday schedule! We got to do a really fun project where we researched about guinea pigs. The kiddos have been asking about getting a classroom pet, and I told them that they need to show me that we are extra prepared for one before I think about getting a guinea pig. I taught the kids how to use their email accounts, how to share a PowerPoint slide with me, and they got to research different aspects of guinea pig ownership to create a whole class PowerPoint presentation. This project taught them many valuable skills. We are excited about thinking about getting a classroom guinea pig! When our presentation is complete, I will post a copy of it here for families to see (under the documents/ files page).